welcome to maine. 301.

jacket - burberry
shirt - ezekiel
 scarf - pashmina
jeans - abercrombie & fitch
sneakers - converse
bag - goodwill
watch - citizen

it was a beautiful sunday. a perfect day for a walk through the old port and for a drive out to the beach. we drove through old orchard, ferry beach, and this was at camp ellis. it was such a cool spot to look out from. this captures some of my favorite things from maine. 

as for the outfit, i wanted to wear a jacket that was made for warmer weather. i am not really the quilted, plaid jacket kind of girl, but i am a sucker for a big collar. i like the pairing of the jacket with a loose spring like shirt. the chucks made me feel a more downtown than uptown. 

what i spent:
jacket - $0. it spent almost a year in a lost & found before i felt okay with taking it
shirt - $0. gift from a very lovely lady
scarf - $0. bridesmaid gift
jeans - $6. major outlet discounts
sneakers - $0. christmas gift from my sister a few years ago
bag - $4.99
watch - christmas gift

1 comment:

  1. i've never been to camp ellis, need to make a trip. also love that you got the jacket from a lost and found!