goodbye 2014, hello 2015.

i know it is now the 5th day of 2015, but i still felt like i needed to say my goodbyes to the past year. i put off this post, thinking that by the time i would write it i would have a new blogging schedule ready for this year and everything would be in its place for a perfect new year. but that is unrealistic. i made a list of 15 things to do in 2015 and a few of them had to do with my blog. now i have to remind myself that it was something to complete this year, not by the end of day one of the new year.

ending the new year // spring rolls + confetti cake with my favorites.

but anyway.. 2014 was an interesting year. it started off like most other years. i felt ready to conquer it all and finally get organized and lose weight and all that. being that is was 2014, i put even more pressure on the year. 14 is my number, as well as my birthdate, so to me this meant this had to be the big year for me. it ended up being anything but.

a quick recap of the year:
i worked a lot. my job was physical and stressful and man, was i always tired. i had injuries that caused me pain. everyday. then i got in a car accident which didn't make any of that pain better. i stopped working out and tried to eat well, but put too much pressure on it and didn't stick to anything. i stopped blogging and taking outfit photos and doing the things that were fun to me. and again, put too much pressure on what i wasn't doing and took away the fun.

in the summer, my sister got married. it was amazing. planning the bridal shower and going away for a weekend with her to new york were really great experiences. her wedding was amazing. terry's sister also had a beautiful baby girl, stella. these were definitely highlights of the past year.

also in the summer, there was talk of leaving boston and moving back to maine. in the fall, it actually happened. i quit my job. just quit. no new job lined up. no real plan besides leaving boston. it was scary and sad to leave the people i had become so close with. but let me tell you, it was kind of exhilarating. in a way, i was free. moving back to portland and finding a job was an adventure in and of itself, but one i happy i took.

2014 may not have been the year i had wanted it so badly to be. but it was the year that helped me make decisions that will help me be happier this year.

as for 2015, i'm starting a new job. it is full of all the things i love.. merchandising, managing, buying, some social media, and surprisingly, baby clothes! i also am going to open my online store. this was another thing on my list of 15 that i have the year to complete. this is something that has been on my list for at least 5 years and i am more ready to finally do it than ever.

and i guess the biggest thing that is going to happen this year happens in 9 days. i turn 30. i have spent the last year and a half worrying and planning for it that now i am ready to take it on. i want to embrace 30 and whatever it has to bring. i want to start my 30s as my best self and for me, among many things, this means getting healthy. i want to learn to take care of myself, so i can take on all the things i want to do and feel good doing them.

okay. there is it is. this year is going to be so much better than the last year. taking care of myself and treating myself well is going to be number one. so.. what are you planning for 2015?