gym shorts, tshirts, and bathing suits. 83.

Today was hot. All I did was workout, go to the river, and then went for a walk. So all I wore were gym clothes and my bathing suit. Just for fun.. I did wear a different bathing suit combo than I have previously this summer.

just perfect. 82.

today was beautiful. it was hot, there was a warm breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. we spent some time at the eastern prom, watching the boats and the water. there are certain days it feels like a blessing to live in maine and this was one of them. it was too warm to wear many layers, so this dress with a bandeau top made for the prefect outfit. the necklace idea came from a fellow maine blogger, sweetersalt, who blogged about her favorite necklace this morning. it happens to be an anchor, the same as my favorite necklace. it was a gift which reminded me that i have been given two anchor necklaces as gifts. i decided there was no better day than today to wear them together. for me, more than the necklace itself, my favorite part is the package it came in. i love what it says and means to me and i have it hanging above my desk to see everyday.

dress h&m, bandeau abercrombie & fitch, shoes f21, necklaces helene m and urban outfitters, bag urban outfitters.

like a picnic in the park. 81.

oh wait. i went to a wonderful picnic in a park! it was very inspiring to see local designers with such amazing things. this outfit showcases my love floral prints and my love of stripes. i had to add another print with the leopard shoes because my wedges i wore broke (so sad) and these were the only other shoes i had with me. luckily, i did have an extra pair!

shirt gap, dress f21, shoes h&m, watch kenneth cole, bracelet marc jacobs, sunglasses oakley.

friday night lights. 80.

i love the open back on this shirt, but it is hard to pair it with something that i can wear to work. this made it hard getting dressed. i finally picked this black and tan striped skirt. i love how in one outfit you can have so many different looks, more so front and back with this one.

shirt hawks, tank urban outfitters, skirt h&m, shoes cynthia vincent for target, necklace gap, ring vintage.


tshirt and blazer, one of my favorite combinations. add a floral printed skirt and it is the perfect outfit for the end of summer.

blazer uniqlo, tshirt american apparel, skirt h&m, shoes f21, bangles jcrew, necklaces the usual.

rain rain.. 78.

i guess we cant complain about the rain when we haven't seen it for at least a month, but i can say i am not prepared to dress for it. i have sort of been in a slump lately ( you may have noticed with the lack of posts) and i have been a little uninspired. i think it is being stuck between seasons. i want to save my fall ideas for when it is really fall, but there is a chill in the air and it is hard to wear sundresses. so i compromised with myself today and wore a sheer plaid ruffled button down with a skirt.

raincoat gap, shirt gap, skirt old navy, shoes dsw, bracelet gap, watch kenneth cole.

lbd. 77.

the ruched sleeves. pleats around the middle. the slight flair at the bottom. all of these things make this little black dress something different, but classic and almost casual all at the same time. i thought with the length of this dress and the fact that it was all black, i would add my leopard print flats. they are also classic, but still add a little excitement.

dress kimchi & blue, shoes h&m, bangles jcrew, watch kenneth cole.

transition to fall. 75 & 76.

sunday and monday were cool and rainy and the first days that began to feel like fall. sunday i paired cut offs with a button up plaid, a true sign of fall. monday was cooler and the perfect day for jeans, which i wore with a lightweight sweater that i definitely needed.

sunday: tank h&m, shirt ralph lauren, shorts ruehl, shoes keds.
monday: sweater urban outfitters, tank ruehl, jeans cheap monday, shoes gap.

74: saturday night.

it has been a while since i have changed outfits and gotten ready to go out on a saturday night and it felt really good. it was exciting to wear jeans and heels and go out for drinks and have a great dinner at the corner room.

sweater hollister, tank f21, jeans jbrand, shoes target, bag urban outfitters, bracelets sun city, f21. in the front..

party in the back.

my mullet skirt.
i cant seem to get dressed up for work on saturday mornings. i just want to be comfortable, so i figured it was no better time to wear this free people skirt. as it is getting closer to fall, i wanted the chance to wear this oh so white skirt.

shirt jcrew, skirt free people, shoes f21, bracelet gap.


plain and simple. i had to wear black and white to work. it was not as easy as one would think. i have many things white and many things black, but putting them together was more of a challenge than expected. i envisioned by favorite white tshirt and a high waisted black skirt but couldn't find my tshirt, so this is what i ended up with.

tank loft, vest target, skirt f21, belt gift, shoes barneys.

ruffle mania. 72.

i love ruffles. im sure that is evident both in my top and my shoes. i also love the top of this dress. i love the bright color and the big collar and neckline. what i don't love is that this dress is all one piece. it makes me feel like i am cheating. i always thought i was capable of putting a skirt and a top together without them being attached. for what ever reason, i was drawn to this one. it may have been the price (around $5 or $6), but it also may have been the thought that i was going to use this as a template to create something out of my old clothes similar to this (that hasn't happened yet..). i guess the good thing about it was that many people thought it was two separate pieces, but it was so much easier to wear. i didn't have to worry about tucking in my shirt and making sure it wasn't bunching anywhere. it was also very cool that i found matching flowers on my way to dinner in what looks like the secret garden.

dress urban renewal, shoes gap, bangles jcrew, necklace jcrew.

a perfect night. 71.

homemade dinner, bike ride, ice cream, movie. it is the perfect was to spend an august evening. and this was the perfect outfit for it. i kept singing 'knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe if the answer is nooo'. i am always reminded of the movie now and then when i ride my bike and even more tonight.

shift jcrew, shorts kimchi & blue, shoes urban outfitters, ring f21, bangles jcrew, great grandmothers, necklaces marc and urban (the usual).

camping, anyone? 70.

this is a tent dress if i have ever seen one. the beauty of a tent dress is that it is wide enough to cover any areas that you may want to hide. the length of these types of dresses are very important. this one being short, it shows off the size of my legs, in turn making whats underneath the dress seem small. the longer you go, the more of a chance there is for you to make your whole body look big, so be careful. having an empire waist helps give definition as well. having a solid colored canvas really makes your jewelry stand out, so use these dresses to showcase your favorite jewelry.

dress h&m, shoes h&m, necklace f21.

marathon monday. 69.

a striped shirt, skinny jeans, a slouchy bag, comfortable flats. the perfect end of summer outfit for walking around boston when it cools down at night.

shift f21, jeans jbrand, shoes h&m, bag couch, watch kenneth cole.

Fall Shoes.

menswear flats

this pair is by joie and it can be found locally at chantal.

this pair is also a local. it is by frye and can be bought at bliss.

over the knee boots

anything by frye will always be a classic but these are the perfect o-t-k boots and have just the right size heel to take them from day to night (also at bliss).

rugged boots

Rag & Bone.


nine west

desert boots

this pair is from madewell. i love how sexy desert boots are on my boyfriend and it is great to see something just as sexy for women.


these are super edgy booties from coach. this trend is also showing up in tall and new high versions, as well as in flats.

the overall feel for shoes this season is neutral. the colors are mostly earth tones and many of the styles are very androgynous. the detailing seems to be on the harder side with lots of zippers, buckles, and an outdoors feel. but don't worry, we will see a feminine side in the trends that seem to carry over from season to season, pretty flats and fun heels. these come in many styles from cap toe to pointy, bright colored to embellished, platform to peep toe. there is a lot to look forward to these season. try mixing hard with soft and girly with masculine. find out how easy it is to transform an outfit by just changing your shoes.

lazy day. 68.

today was spent strolling the old port, watching movies, and making a very short appearance at the italian bazaar dressed in a new version of my weekend wear, denim shorts and a tank of some sort. today's choice was an army green baby doll top. the ruching at top and the buttons created a more feminine look on a masculine color.

shirt h&m, shorts abercrombie & fitch, shoes f21, watch thrift store find, wooden bracelet sun city, other bracelet f21, bag ports 1961.