SAG Awards: top 5 looks.

a SAG award is an honor to win, but the show isn't the most exciting award show on tv. not to mention, it was only two hours long! but the red carpet was good to watch. i feel like we didn't see as many people as we did at the globes, but it may also be because there weren't as many memorable looks. the biggest trends of the night were reds, pinks (especially hot pink), and orange, and belted dresses. and not to mention, showing off those baby bumps! the hair was mostly natural, worn down and wavy. the makeup wasn't too dark, but had fun with colors. the jewelry was not over the top. it was enough to compliment the dresses without taking anything away from it. this red carpet had a feeling very similar to the spring runways.
here are my top 5 looks:


natalie portman in azzaro.
trends: baby bump, glamour.
she looks radiant in this white gown. i love that she is showing off more of her belly this time around. the millions of dollars of tiffany & co. jewelry she is wearing is understand, but still very elegant.

rosario dawson in j. mendel.
trends: belted, sheer, brights.
this dress is so airy and fun. it makes me think of easter, which makes me think of spring, which then makes me very happy. the color is perfect on her and the colors of her accessories match in a way that adds to the look. the shape is very sexy and reminds me of old school glamour.

claire danes in louis vuitton.
trends: floral, belted.
the print of this dress is amazing. it makes the entire dress look 3 dimensional. the fit is beautiful. the emphasis is on the waist and as it flares out, she stills tiny. this look is very different than the modern look for the globes, but she is still wearing the hot pink lipstick.

january jones in carolina herrera.
trends: belted, glamour, floor length, body conscious.
when i first saw this, i thought if this was in a shade of white i would wear this for my wedding. the embroidery is beautiful and i love the look of a short sleeve with a dress of this shape. the black and gold was different from others, but was a great surprise.

mila kunis in alexander mcqueen.
trends: floral, sheer, belted.
mila looked absolutely stunning. the dress had one of the hottest colors right now, was full of volume, and a beautiful heart shaped neckline. she said on the red carpet that it was the most comfortable dress she has worn. imagine being comfortable and looking that good.


hailee steinfeld in prada.
trends: orange, hot pink, floor length

tina fey in oscar de la renta.
trends: red, lace, floor length.

kim kardashian in marchesa.
trends: floor length, one shoulder, brights.

julia stiles in monique lhuillier.
trends: ombre, navy, floor length, sheer.

jenna fischer in fendi.
trends: floor length, body conscious, sleeves.

dianna agron in chanel haute couture.
trends: belted, lace, midlength.

christina hendricks in l'wren scott.
trends: belted, floor length, sleeves.

look what i found at.. FIND!

one of the things i needed for winter was a camel coat. i saw so many that i had to have, but would have to sell my left arm to get it. one of my favorite coats was this one from j crew. it was almost $800! i don't even have $8 to spare right now. i love the square cut and the 60s style neckline. it was exactly what i was looking for, but would never have until..

i stopped into find on my way to work one day right before christmas. i went in looking for a leather jacket for my boyfriend, but could not go in with out glancing at all the racks. i saw this coat hanging in the large section of one of the back racks and had to pull it out any way. it turned out to be a size small, like-new j.crew wool camel coat for only $22. i was so excited! but for multiple reasons, i could not buy it for myself. i immediately called terry and told him he had to go buy it for me for christmas and he had to go right now!
on christmas, i opened gifts from my parents first and was given a gap camel coat i had also asked for from my mom. later, terry gave my the coat from find. i now had two camel coats! i could tell he was disappointed that i got two similar coats (not to mention my mom and terry both gave me the same book, ps i made this, to be exact!). i knew it made since only to keep one and to be honest, the jcrew coat from find looked to be in better condition than the brand new one from the gap. it also looked so much more like the one from jcrew i was swooning over!
it had been so cold and i didn't wear this jacket until last week. i wore it when i went out saturday night with a vintage-looking chain purse. i saw a guy i knew from high school and he told me i reminded him of jackie kennedy. at that moment, i knew i made the right choice.
the lesson here is: make sure you shop all the racks and check all the sizes. you never know what you will find or at what price! and because buying at consignment and thrift stores is eco-friendly and really exciting, you leave not only with interesting and one-of-a-kind pieces, but also feeling great!

my week in review. 229-235.

the temperature was in the negative. it was a cold day. the best thing i could think of doing was staying inside. i wore gap yoga pants and top that my mom gave me for my birthday. i did leave the house once to go to hot yoga at portland power yoga. it was the perfect thing to warm my bones on this chilly chilly day. there is no photo for today because i know you don't want to see me in sweaty gym clothes.

first day of work for the week. i started the week tired and didn't plan ahead. i find it is easy to when you have a shirt that can stand out on its own. you can throw it on with basic pants, in this case, black cargo skinnies, and a solid color scarf and be on your way. i love a long, flowy top. i feel very confident because it hides the parts i don't like and with fitted bottoms, you end up looking smaller. with this outfit, the little bit of color makes a big impact against the black and brown. confident and comfortable is a good way to start the work week.

shirt urban outfitters, pants gap, shoes payless, watch citizen, scarf gift.

goodwill was behind this look. affordable, resourceful fashion that gives back to others is always something to feel good about. bright pink and leather made this look really bold and fun.

blazer h&m, shirt and skirt goodwill, shoes seychelles, watch citizen.

i had a little breakdown when i was getting ready for work. i was trying to put together an outfit and i didn't feel good in anything i put on. i got a little emotional, but then i was able to pull it together and pull together this look, which i felt really great it. this is also a good example of why you should try to pick out your outfit ahead of time. no one needs to start, or for that matter, end, their day feeling stressed.

blazer gap, shirt madewell, pants intermix, shoes burlington.

i did not feel good this morning and all i wanted was something that would keep me warm and comfortable. this was something i had tried on the day before in the middle of my wardrobe meltdown and it ended up seeming like a good idea for today. i was able to put it on and not have to think about it. i felt better as the day went on. i got the chance to leave work for a few hours and got a much needed nap. (this picture was taken when i woke up) it turned out to be a good, relaxing friday.

sweater gap, skirt american apparel, socks smart wool, tights target, shoes urban outfitters.

busy day. work, family dinner, robyn. when i wake up on saturday mornings and have to go to work, i like to make my morning as easy as possible. this means it no hair wash day, coffee and breakfast are on the go, and i sleep in as long as i can. for some reason when i was waking up, i thought about how i wanted to wear a scarf. i also did not want to be as bundle as i have been. a little spring needed to show through. a lightweight sweater and bright vintage scarf was great for this. by wearing a scarf, i also get to use this scarf ring that was my grandfathers. i hadn't really planned on it, but i did not get to go home after work. i went straight to my aunt's house for the annual dinner for my nana's birthday. i kind of overbooked myself, so after dinner i was late meeting my friend. i got to touch up my hair and makeup before going out for the night, but that was it. i am glad that this was the outfit i chose. we went to see robyn at the state theater. we didn't try to get close to the stage, but there was a lot of people, so this sweater kept me at the right temperature. it was a great show. i ended the night going out for a few drinks. not a bad saturday.
scarf vintage, sweater f21, jeans jbrand, shoes old navy.

the past few sundays have been spent hanging around the house with terry and for the first half of the day, today was not different. the later half of the day, i went to run errands with my mom and terry headed to boston to see some wrestling at the garden. since i was leaving my apartment, i had to get dressed. layering is key when the temperature doesn't get warmer than the 20's and bean boots are great for navigating through the piles of snow and ice covered sidewalks left behind from the never ending storms.

stripe shirt f21, shirt jcrew, jeans abercrombie & fitch, scarf jcrew, earrings marc jacobs, boots ll bean.

spring 2011 couture: my favorite looks.

alexis mabille.

every look had a light and dark outfit. the contrast between the two is very cool.


these dresses are all just so beautiful. i love the sheer fabric, the peter pan collars, and the mix of florals.

jean paul gaultier.

keeping it edgy and punk.


inspired by japan and geishas. i love the look of armor in the back in contrasting bright colors.

elie saab.

these looks are all so sweet and pretty and majorly sexy at the same time.

christian dior.

the looks from john galliano's dior show this season were very reminiscent of the 'new look'. they were beautiful updated versions of the 40's and 50's looks.


this collection was very 'chanel', full of tweed suits and dropwaists, but made fresh with 'boyfriend' style jackets and jeans! coco did not like jeans, but to move forward, it is something that needs to be incorporated. not to mention, all the models are wearing flats and have a very cool ballerina feel.

armani prive.

these looks have a feel of liquid metal and a futuristic vibe. some are very wearable, while others are saved for the few who could pull them off in real life.. like gaga.