band of outsiders, fall 2014.

one word. obsessed. i have long loved band of outsiders, but this collection is full of everything i love. floral prints, polka dots, cute oxfords, jumpers, and loose fitting trousers. this collection is so easy to wear. there is something for everyone. its relaxed, but pulled together, with a bit of tomboy feel. and then the last look.. that ombre floral maxi tee shirt dress, the flat boots, and the long leather gloves. amazing.

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fourteen things i love: number fourteen.

my valentine! (duh.)

no matter what is going on, he is by my side. he makes me confident and tells me i am talented. he gets along well with everyone which makes going places easy. he is the crazy to my calm and the outgoing to my quiet. and of course, he is funny. he may be the class clown when we are out, but when it is just us, he is side-splitting, roll on the floor funny. and silly. silly is the best. and he is one hell of a cook. i mean professional grade cook. and for the most part, he likes to do it (as long as i do the dishes, which, i swear, i am getting better at). i am happy to say he is one of my fourteen favorite things.

happy valentine's day everyone!

fourteen things i love: number thirteen.

sequins and beading!

mostly of the vintage kind.
my collection is continuing to grow. this is one of my favorite things to find when thrifting. i love to think of how the were originally worn compared to how i wear them now.

fourteen things i love: number twelve.

these crazy fools!

this one is pretty self explanatory. i love my family. i wouldn't be who i am or where i am without them. i also wouldn't be as crazy or as weird as i am without them either.

fourteen things i love: number eleven.

my grandfather's bolo tie.

this was a staple in my grandfather's wardrobe. i remember the short sleeve button up shirts, the kind that was kind of see through and you could see his white undershirt. it would be accessorized with a bolo tie and his pocket protector and sometimes a really cool hat (one which i already own). 
i had been seeing bolo ties a lot lately and they always reminded me of my grandfather. i also really liked the way they looked with more modern outfits. i asked my mom if she knew if anyone still had one and to my amazement, she did. i thought i would have known if my mom had one or that she would have just known i would have wanted it. a few weeks later, it was waiting for me in a little white box. i have worn it a few times. it makes me feel a little bit nostalgic, stylish, and very confident. the latter is one of the reasons my grandfather, william (get it?), is a big deal to me. i'm happy to have something else of his.

fourteen things i love: number ten.


this is my favorite place for lattes, the golden crema is my number one. but their food is also amazing. some of my favorite sandwiches are here, along with the best peanut butter and jelly since my mom made them for me.

adventure: south end boston.

first of all, this is the last time i will show this coat! you just know how much i love it..

lately, there has been a vast difference in dressing for work and dressing for the weekend. i actually have seen the difference and i am trying to fix it. the way i feel when i get dressed on the weekend is full of confidence and i want to have fun. when i get dressed for work, it has been about comfort. i move a lot and i sometimes get dirty. i need to get out of that mindset and pretend that it is the weekend. the next part of this is time. probably planning in advance is going to help as well.

while we were making breakfast on a saturday with no other plans, i suggested we walk around the south end. we don't go there very often which makes it feel like some where new. we both went with a cool, casual look. we didn't know how far or how long we would be walking or be outside. i went with whites and brights. stripes and a bright green hat made this outfit fun. terry pushed the limits a little with his camo joggers. and if you asked me (and all the people who gave him compliments that day) i think he looked pretty great.

we went to an art gallery, walked all over, and found some super cool shops, like sault, olives and grace, and niche. it was a good day.

fourteen things i love: number nine.

madewell polka dot pajamas!

these are just about the cutest of all the cute pajamas. just looking at these, let alone putting them on, when i'm having a not-so-good day makes me feel so much better. they have a bit of a vintage feel with a mix of men's pajamas. they are perfect. now only how to wear them (or at least one piece of them) out of the house! oooo, a challenge..

fourteen things i love: number eight.

my baby kitties, boy and girl.

so this is pretty self explanatory. terry and i are both pretty much obsessed with them. from the first day they climbed down to our porch, we knew they were going to be ours to love. below is a lot of cat photos and sometimes what is in the background can't be explained, so just ignore it. haha. enjoy.