fourteen things i love: number two.

capes (more specifically, this one)!

my love for capes is not a new thing. it is something that has just grown deeper over the years. a couple years ago when i was still living in portland, i found an amazing red plaid cape at find. it had a gold chain at the neck that held it together. this one had small arms holes, was pretty heavy, and way more fancy. it is nothing something to wear often, but it is something i like owning. i have a sweater cape that is vintage, beautiful, and totally 70s. and one of my very first capes came from the gap. it was a tan felt-like material and had a belt around the waist. wearing this was sort of a big deal. it was something like a sweater and worn sort of like a cardigan, but some people didn't totally get it and usually made a big deal about it when i wore it. to me, it wasn't anything particularly crazy. 

but this one is different. this one i found a few months ago at goodwill. it was one of those finds that makes you giddy. for $5, this coat makes me strut down the street. i feel super cool and since i can layer under it, i feel super warm too. it is handmade from stanton apparels of maine. i tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything on it. if anyone knows about them, i'm interested! 

since you can't tell what it looks like while being worn here, you can see it in this post from a few weeks back, when i gushed about it for the first time. and you will see it again in a new outfit post that is coming up. and i guess if i ever get tired of wearing it, it will make a great rug for my cat (he already would not get off of it as i tried to photo it).

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