adventure: south end boston.

first of all, this is the last time i will show this coat! you just know how much i love it..

lately, there has been a vast difference in dressing for work and dressing for the weekend. i actually have seen the difference and i am trying to fix it. the way i feel when i get dressed on the weekend is full of confidence and i want to have fun. when i get dressed for work, it has been about comfort. i move a lot and i sometimes get dirty. i need to get out of that mindset and pretend that it is the weekend. the next part of this is time. probably planning in advance is going to help as well.

while we were making breakfast on a saturday with no other plans, i suggested we walk around the south end. we don't go there very often which makes it feel like some where new. we both went with a cool, casual look. we didn't know how far or how long we would be walking or be outside. i went with whites and brights. stripes and a bright green hat made this outfit fun. terry pushed the limits a little with his camo joggers. and if you asked me (and all the people who gave him compliments that day) i think he looked pretty great.

we went to an art gallery, walked all over, and found some super cool shops, like sault, olives and grace, and niche. it was a good day.

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  1. You have such cool style! I also love the 'sweet william' concept - we have a lot in common, fashion-theory-wise! :)