goodbye january, hello february.

//just a few instagram favorites from january//

i started the year off with some overall goals and some more specific to january. reaching these goals may not have been as easy or as successful as i may have hoped, but i am only one month in.

as a recap for january, i wanted to go to the movies at least once. this didn't happen. i do have a valentine's day plan to see one though. next was to read two books. i didn't do this either. i read some of one. i did, however, get a new mattress! this was the best thing i did last month! i wanted to get more sleep to go along with the new mattress, but man, that is hard. i didn't finish my '30 day challenge' posts and this was because i chose not to. i wasn't into it like i was before. it was helpful to get me out of a rut to start it, but i would much rather do outfit posts on outfits i am really excited about and not just posting them to post them.

looking back on last month, i really didn't do much in respect to my goals. this month, i hope to be different. so here it goes:

1. floss. this one is serious. it is not that i have bad teeth by any means. up until this past year, i went to the dentist every 6 months religiously. after moving, i never found a new one. i guess part of this goal will be finding a new one. but i do have a water flosser and it is easy to use. so now i just have to use it. every night.

2. organize my bathroom. our bathroom is small. and i mean, small. we have one tiered shelf, a cabinet on the wall, and a cupboard under the sink. over time, it had gotten a bit messy. i want to go through the products and tools i have and get rid of the things i do like or not need. i want to see what i actually have and i really want to give terry some space for his things too!

3. finish decorating projects in my living room and office. both areas have a few things up where i have started two different projects. in my office above my desk, i'm working on an inspiration wall. it will be forever changing, but i'm working on a few permanent pieces and my first round of inspiration pulls. in the living room, i have a paper deer head and a gold arrows head that will be part of a collage on a piece of the wall. i have just about everything i need. i just need to hang it.

4. exercise at least three times a week. with holidays and work and crazy schedules, i have really fallen off track here. i am trying to find workouts i like so that i don't get bored and instead, i am excited to workout after a long day of work. anyone in the boston area have any suggestions of things they like that aren't took expensive?

5. go to the movies. like i said, i have valentine's day plans to go to one, so hopefully i can see at least one this month.

6. read one book. maybe two books was too big of goal. one seems less scary.

7. read the magazines i get each month. this is not a new goal either. but i am wondering, what do you guys do with all the magazines you get after you read them? do you keep them? throw them out? rip out the pages for inspiration and other projects? let me know!!

here's to the month of love..

//and one to kick off february//

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