fourteen things i love: number three.

my madewell transport rucksack.

i have been in love with this bag for a few years now. i would go into the store just to look at it. one day, i went in and they were having 20% off select bags. i asked the girl if this was part of it. she giggled and said that bag will probably never go on sale. sadden, i left (after looking around, of course).

fast forward to this december. i got an email saying that madewell was having 30% off their sale. as i was scanning through, i saw that, online only, this bag was marked down. it was only on sale for like $40 less than the original price, but it meant it was 30% off. i quickly emailed my mom. she had been asking what i wanted for christmas everyday and i had yet to think of anything. here it was. i knew i could put it into the hands of fate. because i know my mom, she would never give away a surprise for christmas. waiting was hard. i second guessed not buying it myself then because what if my mom didn't get it? but she did. and i am happy.

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