saturday morning: found my soulmate.

you know those mornings when you wake up first and have those extra minutes to yourself. you head straight for your computer and start browsing the internet. well today is one of those days and pinterest just became my coffee.

it all started when i was scrolling through the homepage, clicked on a photo i liked, repined and created a new board for it. i was then finding myself searching 'fall 2013'. after looking at picture after picture of mostly black and white (wedding dresses, go figure), there they were. these beautiful, bright, print on print outfits, one after another. they were only described by number (which i soon found out was the number they were posted in the online lookbook). i had to find out where they were from. i clicked and clicked until there it was.

and this, my friends, is how i found my fashion soulmate, msgm.

the fall collection is lovely, as you can see. full of print and texture and the mix of it all together in each look, but the summer collection is everything i have been dreaming of, all pulled together in one collection..

the prints, the prints mixed together, the headwraps, buttoned-up-to-the-top shirts, baby doll dresses, floor length kaftans, layers of textures. it is all here in this one little collection. be still, my beating heart. be still.

spot pond: clear blue denim.

this was one of those days were everything felt right. there was still a bit of a chill in the air, but the sun was shining and warm. this was a first sunday in a long time that wasn't spent doing chores. there was a lot going on in the city and it felt good to be out and a part of it.

the early afternoon was spent at the sowa open market eating at the food trucks and looking through the vendors. we found some soap, dr. dandelion, that we used to buy at the portland farmer's market, so that was our exciting purchase of the day. i am now also obsessed with elizabeth benotti's handmade ceramics. i definitely see a few of this pieces in my future, which will mean a trip back to sowa sooner than later.

the later part of the day was spent taking a drive to new hampshire and making a pit stop at spot pond in stoneham (right near the stone zoo!). the sun was starting to set and the water was calm, making this a nice, relaxing way to get ready for the work week.

as for the outfit, it was just about the layering. even though it is may and it is officially spring, the weather has not been consistent. the high was only in the mid 50s and there was definitely a breeze. and since it is may, i wanted to make sure the layers i chose were spring pieces.

mixing denim is a quick way to put together something that is both comfortable and easy, and who doesn't love that! just make sure the colors are not too similar. i know it has been going on for a while now, but i am still obsessed with collars and this sleeveless chambray shirt is no exception. i think there is something just so chic and cool about being buttoned all the way up and showing off a great statement necklace.
i wore a thrifted blazer with a bold, bright print to add some color and of course, some fun, to the outfit. i love a good blazer (you can find like 20 in my closet), especially one that is lightweight (for this time of year) and a bit oversized. it is a bit more flattering and doesn't make you look like you work in an office.
and as for the beanie, even though it is spring, the color and slouchy fit make it appropriate for this season. i'm not entirely sure about it, maybe because they were my security blanket (and hid my bad hair days) all through the winter, but i feel especially pretty when i am wearing one. so sorry for all the photos of myself, but here is one lesson we can all learn to live by: love yourself. i loved myself here. not in a self centered way, but in a self confidence way. i was happy and confident and that can make everyone beautiful.

what is your idea of a perfect sunday?

blazer - thrifted
chambray shirt - thrifted
jeans - levi's 
boots - urban outfitters
necklace - urban outfitters
beanie - topman
leather jacket - thrifted
sunglasses - free people

cinco de mayo.

i was in mexico a few weeks ago for our friend's wedding (lucky us!) and while we were there, terry and i ventured out to chichen itza to see some of the mayan ruins. on the way (and while we were there), i was starting to see more people in traditional clothing. i quickly became obsessed with what the women were wearing. i have always loved embroidery, but their clothes take it to another level. believe me, i regret everyday not buying a piece there for myself.

but here are a few pieces i already own that are similar or actually traditional dresses:

traditional and inspirations:

a few other chichen itza:

 and a few to make you jealous and me long for the beach again...