cinco de mayo.

i was in mexico a few weeks ago for our friend's wedding (lucky us!) and while we were there, terry and i ventured out to chichen itza to see some of the mayan ruins. on the way (and while we were there), i was starting to see more people in traditional clothing. i quickly became obsessed with what the women were wearing. i have always loved embroidery, but their clothes take it to another level. believe me, i regret everyday not buying a piece there for myself.

but here are a few pieces i already own that are similar or actually traditional dresses:

traditional and inspirations:

a few other chichen itza:

 and a few to make you jealous and me long for the beach again...

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  1. i did end up buying one of the embroidered tops when we were in tulum, but i so regret not getting one of those dresses!