SWAPmaine is back!

i think you get the point, we are back. but if you do want more information, go to swapmaine.com.
but really, you don't want to miss this one. if everyone else is like laura from sweeter salt and myself, we are ready to get rid of a lot of good stuff (see for yourself!).

thrifted: beaded jacket.

when i come back to portland, i try to stop at my favorite goodwill in south portland. i was in the area with a friend yesterday, so we went in. it wasn't one of my normal trips where i could easily spend well over an hour looking through every rack. i skimmed through the dress racks (they are the most important to me) and then walked down the other aisles waiting for something to jump out. as i was looking at a shirt, i saw a glimpse of something shiny hiding behind it and just when i was losing hope on a good find, there she was. i pulled it out and was pretty much like, okay we can leave now. success.

who: d'allert ltd.
what: full beaded, front clasp jacket.
where: goodwill south portland, maine.
when: june 8, 2013.
why: it is fully beaded and oversized. it is in great condition and will look great with high waisted denim, overalls, or to dress up almost anything.

trying something new with denim.

i suppose when you think spring, and now, even summer, you don't necessarily think about denim. but since we live in new england and you don't actually know what the weather will be, it is still a good  to have a few denim options in your closet.

if you head on over to fore front fashion on mainetoday.com, you can see a few looks i put together to help inspire you to get a little more wear out of your denim.

and to give you a little hint at something i may be talking about, do you remember this outfit from the winter:

or this outfit from last spring:

head on OVER to fore front fashion now! and then let me see how you wear your spring denim!