two thousand thirteen.

happy new year everyone! welcome to 2013. 2012 held a lot of changes for me. a lot of ups and a lot of downs. there were new challenges and great successes. i had the opportunity to work on some great projects, i was featured in a magazine, in an ad for goodwill of northern new england, and nominated for a portland phoenix award. i moved to boston and got a promotion. i had the worst moving and finding an apartment experience, including being without a home for a few days. i gained a few pounds and became my most unhealthy self. i have been unmotivated and lacking passion. i felt kinds of stress i may not have ever felt before. i made new, wonderful friends and really started to feel like i am becoming the person i want be. i am excited for this new year. for me, it always feels like the marking of a new beginning. it is a fresh start to continue with the positive things that 2012 brought and to make changes and make better of the negative things that 2012 left me with.

i'm sure just like most of you, i plan for this to be the best year yet. however, i started this new year off just as i ended the last one.. unorganized. case in point: through all the holiday travel, i have lost the charger to my laptop which is also dead. sweet william speaking.. no access to my photos or any other blog related material, so wish me luck in finding it!

along with becoming more organized this year, i am focusing this year on health. healthy mind, healthy body, healthy relationships. as i get closer to 30, i know i want to enter that part of my life in a happier, healthier state. knowing how resolutions usually work with most people (meaning they don't work), i am taking this one day at a time, reminding myself that everything won't happen over night. little things lead to big changes. i have some specific things planned for this year and i will keep you updated in my journey.

so after i've talked about myself, what are you looking forward to this new year? what were your favorite parts of 2012?

here is a an outfit from 2012 i never shared from the night i met the sartorialist, scott schuman! i really love this menswear look with super fun OVERALL cut-offs. the overalls make this look a little less serious with a bit of a flirty girly aspect to play off the collar and blazer.


  1. I hope you find your computer charger! And I love the combination of the blazer with the overalls- as you said it's a good blend of masculine and feminine style.

    1. i actually just found it! and thank you.