that's right.. 114.

i wore sweatpants to work! i say they aren't really sweatpants because it has a zipper, buttons, pockets, and belt loops.. but they are made out of sweatpant material. i will tell you i was very comfortable all day! as usual, i think adding a blazer pulls an outfit together and dresses up 'sweatpants'.

shirt gap, blazer f21, pants urban outfitters, shoes seychelles, necklace gap.

oh well.. 113.

today was the first day in a long time that i really did not like what i was wearing. i do like the dress, but i do not like the outfit. it didn't really feel like me and in return gave me a little less confidence. this morning i was more interested in eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and watching a little saved by the bell instead of spending time getting ready. it doesn't happen too often for me, but it certainly does happen.

dress f21, leggings f21, shoes dsw.

blocks of color. 112.

this outfit is a little mix of the 70s and 80s to me. the length and shape of the dress, along with the fact that it is a sweater dress worn with high boots reminds me of the 70s. at the same time the colors and mostly the pattern make me think it is a little 80s. this is one of the many things i have picked off a rack (this one and many others from target) and thought, wow this is kind of ugly, but i like it. lets see if i can make it work. i love a long, fitted dress, but the sweater material formed to the 'womanly curves' i have that i do not always want to show off. to combat this, i added a belt around my waist and allowed the dress to gather around it and add more flow and movement.

dress target, tights, boots payless, bracelets gap.

just a little side note.. i skipped over monday because i went from wearing workout gear to sweats. i cleaned mostly all day and didn't think that would be of any interest to show off.

a busy beautiful weekend. 109.110.

saturday was spent at the bridal shower for one of my best friends, kirby. she is the first from our group of girls to get engaged and we are enjoying every minute of it. it was a hot and beautiful day and the party was very nice. there was a lot of great food and wine and great friends and family. as you can tell from the light in the pictures, we were three from afternoon to night. she has 10 bridesmaids and we were all there to make this day very special for her.

shirt gap, skirt h&m, shoes burberry.

sunday was spent at the common ground fair. it is my favorite fair of the year. everything is organic and you can learn about sustainable living. and buy awesome things like honey and soap! it was way colder than i thought it would be. i brought a jacket and a sweater which i was very lucky i did. i leave feeling inspired and like i have done something good.

sweater gap, flannel f21, jeans jbrand, boots llbean, bag uo.