blocks of color. 112.

this outfit is a little mix of the 70s and 80s to me. the length and shape of the dress, along with the fact that it is a sweater dress worn with high boots reminds me of the 70s. at the same time the colors and mostly the pattern make me think it is a little 80s. this is one of the many things i have picked off a rack (this one and many others from target) and thought, wow this is kind of ugly, but i like it. lets see if i can make it work. i love a long, fitted dress, but the sweater material formed to the 'womanly curves' i have that i do not always want to show off. to combat this, i added a belt around my waist and allowed the dress to gather around it and add more flow and movement.

dress target, tights, boots payless, bracelets gap.

just a little side note.. i skipped over monday because i went from wearing workout gear to sweats. i cleaned mostly all day and didn't think that would be of any interest to show off.

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