sunday. 103.

the past two sunday's have been filled with things that begin with f:
food - a day made to eat whatever you want
fashion - wwd's, rachel zoe, twitter, magazines
friends - saw my best friend who is home from boston for coffee
family - spent some time at my parent's house
football - was on every where i went today. both my teams lost.
and of course fun! who needs to stress, especially when i don't have to work tomorrow.

sunday's are also made for easy dressing. i spent most of the day lounging, so it is all about comfort. these leggings are great to hang out in and are dressed up as soon as you tuck them into boots. i wore a simple white tissue tee and this sweater was not too heavy to wear when the sun was out. i love the print and the cape-like shape. it is pretty big and bold, but keeping with the color palette helps to not drown someone in it.

sweater abercrombie & fitch, shirt jcrew, pants abercrombie & fitch, boots luckybrand.

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