first day of fall. 107.

runway, real way edition

i will first start off by saying.. i bought this skirt! i bought it after my 30 days were up. i found it at goodwill when i was shopping for work and it was only $3. it is very hard to pass up something that good of a deal.
this michael kors outfit was my inspiration for today's outfit. i have been waiting until it was officially fall to wear this skirt and paired it with a sweater and boots. the sweater from michael kors is a little too low cut for real life. i took a cardigan and, without buttoning it, i crossed it and tucked it to my skirt for my take on 'sweater dressing'. the michael kors outfit costs $2,290 or $3,585 if you include the shoes. mine cost me $18 without the boots or about $118 with the boots. and minus the fact i am not a model, i think this outfit looks almost as good!
ps. wish the pictures were better, especially the shirt. oops.
sweater abercrombie & fitch, skirt goodwill, boots luckybrand.

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