new haircut, old apartment.

so here it is: i moved to boston. terry and i were very lucky to have job opportunities that we couldn't turn down, so here we are.

my idea was to take outfit photos around portland at all my favorite place, but life doesn't always work out the way you imagine. my move got pretty stressful and time slipped away faster than i had ever imagined it could. i didn't even get to have my last scoop at willard scoops! but i did take one photo at my apartment before i left. it was also the day i got a new haircut!

there were so many amazing things about my winter street apartment and one was this beautiful vanity in the hallway. so i thought it would be the perfect setting to pair with my new (old) dress from goodwill. this dress has to be one of the best $5 i have ever spent. it fit perfect and i felt amazing in it. it was a vintage dress from the 70s with a wiggle dress kind of shape, but still felt modern. the tiny floral print is right up my alley, but not too fancy that i couldn't wear it to work. 

when i cut all my hair off and my favorite hairstylist, genevieve, showed me how to curl it, it started to look more and more like betty draper. i added some red lipstick and made her look my own. 

i can't tell you how much i love finding a piece of clothing that makes me feel great for very little money. i know i talk about it a lot, but i really go love goodwill. i am inspired by high fashion and runway trends, but knowing that it is out of my budget, i am proud to find things at thrifts stores and such to make my own version of these looks. 

and as for living in boston, i am embracing it. taking it as it comes. i am looking to expand my horizons, see new things, meet new people, and learn new things. 

so if you are in the boston area and want to hang out, let me know! or fill me in on any cool things that are happening!