pretty bow.

wow. two of my favorite things to mix together. chunky knits with a girl touch. this look happens to be from prada. but we can all recreate it with things i'm sure we all have in our wardrobe. or perhaps, in your boyfriends, fathers, or grandfathers. check your craft box for some ribbon and tie a small bow or create your own pretty detail. to finish it off, throw this over a floral or flowy (or both) dress.

granny. 170.

slouchy sweater, floral dress, cream frye cowboy boots = grandpa chic. one of my favorite ways of dressing. i love mixing florals with bulky sweaters. it tons each one down just enough. and how could you go wrong with any kind of fryes.

sweater abercrombie & fitch, dress f21, boots frye, necklace fit style shop.

Thanksgiving. 169.

a dress and tights are the perfect thing to wear on thanksgiving. the both stretch and you cant tell when you get really full. i wore the belt to make sure i didn't over eat! haha not really, but it did actually help. i like the holidays because even if you are just hanging around all day, it is still nice to get dressed up. i kept this lingerie dress casual with the belted sweater and boots. hope everyone had a great holiday!

dress rodarte for target, ls shirt jcrew, sweater jcrew, belt intermix, boots luckybrand.

ruffles. 168.

this is what i get when i mix the pretty things in my closet. i also feel the need to wear black jeans and boots once a week. it is the easiest thing to put on for days when i am not motivated to get dressed.

vest urban outfitters (only $5!), tank simply vera vera wang, shirt jcrew, jeans jbrand, boots lucky brand.

inside out. 167.

cotton skirt, stirrup tights, party flats. the perfect outfit for a 5 year old. a floral print shirt tops it off. at least they are all the grown-up versions. i also felt like a ballerina today. it makes me feel like i am floating when i walk around at work. not a bad feeling.

shirt urban outfitters, tank last tango, skirt f21, tights f21, shoes dsw.

day three of wedding hair. 166.

today was my second time this week in a church, but this time not for something as happy as a wedding. this will explain the black and gray on a monday day off. i showed up at my parent's house and we all matched with the same shades of black and gray. it was kind of weird..

cardigan jcrew, dress urban outfitters, shoes dsw.

wedding weekend. (163-165)

friday: rehearsal dinner.

just got home from work. starting to panicking.
sweater loft, skirt thakoon for target, boots aldo.

got ready in plenty of time. actually, early. man, we clean up well.
me: dress madewell, shoes seychelles.
terry: sweater jcrew, shirt abercrombie & fitch, tie jcrew, pants jcrew, shoes jcrew.

saturday: the big day!

the very small wedding party.

not too shabby..
me: a very nice bridesmaid dress, ring & earrings my moms.
terry: suit h&m, shirt h&m, tie jcrew.

high school sweethearts (and many years before)

sunday: brunch.

day two of wedding hair.
sweater gap, shirt american apparel (terry's), jeans abercrombie & fitch, shoes gap, hat simply vera vera wang.

gobble gobble.

happy thanksgiving! i hope everyone has lots to eat and is in good company. enjoy!

last week.

thursday. 162.
sweater h&m, bodysuit abercrombie & fitch, skirt american apparel, boots luckybrand, necklace gap.

wednesday. 161.
shirt urban outfitters, sweater loft, pants loft, shoes dsw.

tuesday. 160.
jacket gap, sweater h&m, dress mossimo, boots payless.

monday. 159.
sweater abercrombie & fitch, tank madewell, cords gap, shoes urban outfitters.

sunday. 158.
shirt h&m, sweatshirt abercrombie & fitch, jeans free people, sneakers converse.

saturday. 157.

sweater f21, shirt abercrombie & fitch, jeans jbrand, boots luckybrand, belt goodwill.

friday night.
tank butter, blazer uniqlo, jeans jbrand, shoes urban outfitters.

friday. 156.
shirt gap, skirt goodwill, shoes urban outfitters.

on vacation.

will be back and updated on monday. have a great weekend.
(and yes, i am still going strong.)

drape. 155.

so i was talking to my guy friend who asked about what kind of shoes i was wearing (he thought they were tap shoes) and then asked if i was wearing sweatpants. i said no, i was wearing a jumpsuit. he was very impressed by the fact that is was all one piece and told me that i wear the things he would wear if he didn't have inhibitions. i took this as a compliment. so today i wore a slouchy sweater over a floral shirt over a jumpsuit and pulled it together with a belt.

sweater f21, shirt f21, jumpsuit f21, shoes f21......

cape. 154

a ruffled cape, a ruffled plaid shirt, tall leather boots are all the makings of a wonderful fall outfit.

cape gap, shirt gap, pants jbrand, boots luckybrand.

ballerina. 153.

someone said to me today, "i love how you wear something that i would be thinking how or why would anyone wear that and then i look at the way you wear it and wish i had thought of this first." this was a real compliment for me. i like to see how i can wear different or interesting things. this sweater with a picture of a ballerina could very well be seen on the tshirt of a four year old. you have to think about how to wear it with out looking younger. yesterday, i went a little bit blonder and today i woke up feeling very girly. i wanted to wear something that showed this. i wanted to be pretty. by pairing this sweater with a black pencil skirt, tights, and tan booties, it made it more of a design then something from the toddler department.

sweater paul & joe for target, skirt f21, tights gap, shoes urban outfitters.

plaid. 152.

nothing like a flannel shirt and bean boots. i threw in terry's acid wash deep v for a little fun. you may say i took a little inspiration from the show on saturday night, but when it is rainy and cold in the fall, my bean boots are the go to.

flannel f21, shirt american apparel, jeans abercrombie & fitch, boots llbean.


im starting to think that this sweater is the only thing that will keep me warm. i love the look over two bright colors that maybe many wouldn't pair together. i like to try different combinations and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. i loved how this choice came out. this particular sunday was spent at a bridal shower for someone i didn't really know. i thought this would be casual enough if everyone was in jeans or dressier if they weren't. everyone was dressed different, so this worked well.

shirt madewell, skirt old navy, tights gap, sweater abercrombie & fitch, boots luckybrand.

madgirl world.

if you looked at any runway for fall, there was an abundance of plaid and duck boots galore. this was the same at the mad girl fall runway show on Saturday. one major difference is that these models were wearing the original ll bean boot.there were a lot of energy and some great pieces to easily mix into your current fall wardrobe.

my two favorite pieces were a plaid floor length, high waisted skirt which is right one trend for this season. the ladylike skirt was belted with a camo shirt and pulled together with a plaid bow on her head and gloves. my other favorite piece was the plaid bloomers. i love shorts for fall and these have the right amount of a girly feel while not being over the top. i love the bandeaus they were paired with.

the menswear was great. there were deconstructed blazers, grandpa cardigans, and the perfect hunting jacket to wear when you are not hunting and probably have never hunted before. and lets not forget about the pretty hot snowboarding gear.

the mix of pieces were great for this season with the major return of the 'camp' look. it was a mix of real maine style, a small amount of prep, with glimpses of the major trends for the season. it doesn't hurt that meredith alex is an eco-friendly designer. the transformation of port city was awesome. it had the feel, and smell, of a lodge out in the woods. overall, it was a good show.