ballerina. 153.

someone said to me today, "i love how you wear something that i would be thinking how or why would anyone wear that and then i look at the way you wear it and wish i had thought of this first." this was a real compliment for me. i like to see how i can wear different or interesting things. this sweater with a picture of a ballerina could very well be seen on the tshirt of a four year old. you have to think about how to wear it with out looking younger. yesterday, i went a little bit blonder and today i woke up feeling very girly. i wanted to wear something that showed this. i wanted to be pretty. by pairing this sweater with a black pencil skirt, tights, and tan booties, it made it more of a design then something from the toddler department.

sweater paul & joe for target, skirt f21, tights gap, shoes urban outfitters.