shop your closet halloween: carrie bradshaw.

carrie bradshaw is one of my all time favorite tv characters. being able to put this fancy, fun costume together like her was so exciting! furs, beading, legs, turbans, the highest heels, and a bubbly outlooks make this look come together.

what you will need for this particular carrie look:
a nude dress - mine is from goodwill
fur coat - mine is vintage from goodwill
super high heels - mine are from aldo
turban or headband - mine is from urban outfitters
big rings or other fun jewelry
envelope clutch - mine is marc jacobs

the great thing about a carrie bradshaw costume is that it can be done in so many ways. all you really need is to put together a few crazy fashion-forward looking pieces. tulle is always good. anything with a designer label on it, but make sure to wear it ironically. layer lots of pearl necklaces. throw your hair in a top knot. add a belt or a fanny back or both! the possibilities are endless, as long as you don't forget those 5+ inch heels.

happy halloween!

shop your closet halloween: suri.

this has been a big year for this little one. her blog takes off, her parents get a divorce, and she writes a book. all while being head to toe in designer clothes and ruling the playgrounds of hollywood.

what you will need:

a pink party dress (preferably designer) - mine is from rodarte for target
a cardigan or a fur coat - mine is from the gap
flats or kitten heels (preferably designer) - mine are from urban outfitters
a girly headband (preferably designer) - mine is from j. crew
a fancy little purse - mine is vintage
reading material (vogue, elle, shakespeare) 
stuffed animal or baby doll (preferably designer) - mine is from childhood
a better-than-all attitude..

but remember, you are only 6 years old.

shop your closet halloween: duck hunter.

grab your orange and our boots and you are ready to get your hunt on. 

what you will need for your hunter costume:
flannel (feel free to show off any animal) - mine is from rogues gallery, sporting some ducks
orange jacket or vest - mine is terry's, also from rogues gallery
boots (wellies or beans will do) - mine are hunter

add some props like a duck or toy rifle.

get it?!

shop your closet halloween: katniss. (or army dude.)

want a costume that is badass but still pretty, than katniss from the hunger games is your girl. this blockbuster was a hit in theaters and sure to be a hit at any party. if a pop culture costume is what you want, everyone will be sure to know this one.

what you will need:
cargo pants - mine are from intermix
a v-neck tee
a leather or ulility jacket - mine is from goodwill
combat boots - mine are doc martens (a bit of a girly touch)
a bow and arrow - mine is made from a coat hanger and chop stick, but feel free to get fancier
a braid
a kickass attitude

and if you are looking for a quick change, lose the leather and add some camo and you are ready for the next party!

shop your closet halloween: jess!

it's jess! why not dress super cute and act super sweet all night as tv's most lovable character, jess from new girl. yes, it is essentially dressing up as zooey deschanel herself, but here is the chance to be a over-the-top quirky. polka dots and cats, anyone?

here is what you will need:
anything retro
pleated skirt or dress - mine dress is from h&m
short sleeve sweater or cardigan preferably with a print - mine is from goodwill
flats - mine are from urban outfitters
feminine structured bag - mine is from j. crew
red lipstick
a smile

if you want to add more props, try silly hats, school supplies, sharing stick.. any of those will do the trick!

this is october.

shirt - terry's (also urban)
jeans - bdg
shoes - dsw
bag - vintage from material objects

last saturday, my parents came to visit my sister and i here in boston. we hoped it would be a nice day to explore the city, but never imagined it was going to be in the mid 70s in mid october! 

so like any true new englander in fall, i focused on the layers. though most of the day was spent in just a tank, it was nice to have an extra layer for when the wind picked up.

and this is what it looks like to dress for an 75 degree day in october.

l.l.bean: then & now.

as you may already know (especially if you are from maine), l.l.bean is celebrating its 100th anniversary. that is a pretty big milestone and certainly has earned the use of the term 'a classic'. l.l.bean is a household name and i am sure you can find a thing or two in your own home from l.l.bean. i would even go as far to bet that it is something from at least 10 years ago, because we know those products last.

over the past few years, l.l.bean has entered into the more fashion forward clothing category with the launch of l.l.bean signature. signature takes classic pieces, many a true representation of maine style, gives them a modern twist and more tailored feel. it definitely feels more targeted to my generation, both with work and weekend wear. 

along with many events l.l.bean has been throwing over the past few months, they are doing something special with their catalog covers. this fall catalog will be the third catalog out of four that was shot with award-winning photographer randal ford. though that is super special, it is not the only cool things about these covers. they are inspired by covers of l.l.bean past. 

the original cover was from spring 1966 and was a painting by glen flesichman titled 'the perfect spot'. the perfect spot this fall for l.l.bean was in acadia national park. not only the styling of the clothes, but the styling of the all-american props makes for a cool modern take on 1960s style.

not only did l.l.bean inspire itself, but it inspired me. as an avid thrifter, especially in maine, i come across a lot of older/vintage l.l.bean items. i shopped my own closet to see what l.l.bean items i had from the past to create my own modern look. 

i also got to thinking about 'the perfect spot'. now that i live in the big city (boston), it is hard to find a spot as relaxing and as beautiful as the lookout at acadia. but in a part of my neighborhood in somerville, there is prospect hill monument, where the first american flag ever flew, that is high enough on a hill to see out over the city. it is quiet, not very busy, and a great place to relax and take in the views of the city. in a busy city, this is my perfect spot.

for more on the l.l.bean photoshoot, watch this cool behind the scenes video here!

fall into: coated denim.

as you may have noticed by now, leather is huge this fall. luckily, it now comes in many different types. whether you are investing in a great new leather coat or a vegan (faux) leather skirt, there are so many options. one of my personal favorites for getting this leather look is coated denim.

i love coated denim for many reasons. it fits like a jean but looks like leather. this is great for people who don't wear leather, are on a budget which doesn't include leather pants, or just love the comfort of denim.

essentially, it is denim with a layer on the outside of the jean to give it a look very similar to leather. this leaves the inside still feeling like a soft denim which makes it easy to wear. there are many color varieties and styles. personally, i think it looks better and way cooler than any pair of faux leather pants i have seen and looks best in a skinny fit.

levi's and bdg coated denim.
$78 and $19.99
at urban outfitters.

current/elliott coated stiletto jeans.
a splurge at $244.

you have just dressed up your denim without sacrificing anything for comfort!