this morning, i had a shitty interaction with a protester outside of planned parenthood. i couldn't stop thinking about it. i was infuriated and kept playing it over in my mind.

not long after, while getting a birthday latte to bring to my mom, i started to notice good things. some older man offering hugs to people he was walking by. the first guy, dressed in a suit, said he would pass, but thanked the man. but the second man walked up to him with wide arms and excepted a hug from a stranger. the guy at the hot dog cart gave a free hot dog to the girl ringing the salvation army bell. the city worker fixing a sidewalk trash can had his car door open and was listening to some classic rock as we worked. the couple sharing the heavy load of their grocery bag by each holding a handle as they walked home. an old man showing off the tricks his beautiful dog could with a proud smile on his face.

it is so hard these days with all the bad happening around us to notice anything but the bad. but today, in a short amount of time, i saw so many little things that often go unnoticed by outsiders. it was really easy to see the good when you are open to it. my heart feels full and my heart feels warm.