fall wish list: miu miu shoes.

i know this shoe is everywhere and everyone wants it, but in a world where i can only dream, why not!

if i couldn't have those, then i would settle on these:

these miu miu's are little more of an 'everyday' shoe, but with the same curved heel. i think that is the main factor of my love for both these shoes.

and if no one has an extra $900 to lend me for the shoes above, i'll try these out (only $550). imagine how cool they would look with a pair of skinnies and a men's white button down... 

a summer classic in a new summer classic.

dress - f21
belt - a&f
shoes - target
necklace - gap, madewell

there is nothing like enjoying an ice cream cone (mint chocolate chip) on a warm summer night. tonight choice was the gelato fiasco at bonobo right around the corner from our house. it was the first ice cream i have had there this year and it did not disappoint. there is something so pure about eating ice cream in the summer. it take me back to my childhood and seems as though nothing about it has ever changed. it is a classic. paired on this particular night with a new summer classic, the maxi dress. spring, summer, and now even fall are filled with them. it is the perfect, easy dressing piece made ready to go for the summer and then turns into a great basic canvas to layer upon come fall. if you don't already have a few in your wardrobe, stock up now. just think.. the summer ones are probably on sale!

on a side note.. this is the full outfit i am wearing on this adventure. nice photo taken next to a somewhat cool chair on the side of the road. would have wanted it, but it seemed a little dirty..


shirt - sun city
skirt - goodwill
shoes - f21
earrings - my grandmother's

one of the many great things about summer is how you can get away with wearing some crazy prints and crazy colors. this has a little of both. the colors aren't that outrageous, but with this print, it borders on something you would see in a gated florida community. i think by keeping everything else pretty neutral, with the exception of some surprise ruffles in the back, it made the skirt show off its cooler features.. like being pleated! the almost sheerness of it made me feel a little like a ballerina, especially in pose in the second picture. as summer begins to wind down, take advantage of showing off some of its better features!

also.. if you don't already know, this is on of my favorite buildings on one of my favorite streets in portland. anyone know where it is??

see right through.

shirt - urban outfitters
bandeau - a&f
shorts - f21
belt - j. crew
shoes - urban outfitters
bag - marc jacobs
earring - grandmother's

i loved this outfit so much. i felt sexy. i can't say that all the time. having put on a few pounds recently, i wouldn't dream of showing off some skin, but with a sheer shirt i was able to do it without feeling self conscious. with a bright colored bandeau and high waisted shorts, not a lot of skin is shown. just enough. i definitely had a different strut that night. even though i felt sexy, i must have also looked polished. i got a great compliment from a male friend, who told me i looked very regal. i'll take it!

elephant legs.

tank - madewell
pants - f21
shoes - cynthia vincent for target
belt - a&f

after looking at some of the pictures, i realized why these are called elephant pants. they make them legs look wide! when i looked at myself in the mirror, i loved what i saw. having to go through hundreds of pictures makes you take one tough look at yourself. with an image in my head that i liked, my confidence was through the roof. this one of my top outfits this summer. the higher waist and the added belt gave it a little bit of a seventies feel. i don't know anyone who really isn't loving that look and feel this summer. 


shirt - goodwill
jeans - loft
shoes - f21

this outfit was simple, but chic and summery. the light material and colors made it such a 'cool' outfit. i felt super polished but was having fun at the same time. i could have worn different shoes, like a pair of heels or something, but i knew that would change the whole look. i didn't want it to be too dressy, just enough to turn a few heads. not to mention the blouse is a bit sheer which totally adds to the fun factor.

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