shirt - sun city
skirt - goodwill
shoes - f21
earrings - my grandmother's

one of the many great things about summer is how you can get away with wearing some crazy prints and crazy colors. this has a little of both. the colors aren't that outrageous, but with this print, it borders on something you would see in a gated florida community. i think by keeping everything else pretty neutral, with the exception of some surprise ruffles in the back, it made the skirt show off its cooler features.. like being pleated! the almost sheerness of it made me feel a little like a ballerina, especially in pose in the second picture. as summer begins to wind down, take advantage of showing off some of its better features!

also.. if you don't already know, this is on of my favorite buildings on one of my favorite streets in portland. anyone know where it is??

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  1. Love the top! You look great! Can you believe summer is almost over?!