snapshot of a weekend: a weekend to myself.

1. since i have been on the go all summer, i totally forgot that saturday meant farmers market. everything at the union square farmers market always looks so beautiful, but i am always drawn to drumlin farm's stand.

2. even though i spent the whole weekend with just myself and spent most of it cleaning and organizing, it didn't mean i had to sacrifice a good dinner. after hours of cleaning, i cleaned myself off and headed to one of my favorite somerville spots, highland kitchen, found the only free seat at the bar and had a few cocktails and some good food.

3. after dinner, i took the long way home. i walked through the food and fire festival in union square and of course, checked out the super moon.

4. sunday started off early. 7am early. i was up and out the door. walking through a very, very quiet somerville.

5. and the outcome of that very early walk was this. my favorite somerville coffee shop, bloc 11, made me a very yummy iced latte. this really helped pump me up for day two of cleaning and organizing.

6. i took a two hour break from cleaning on sunday. i walked to harvard square. i treated myself to lunch at my favorite place in the square (yes, this was a weekend of favorite places), crema, and then went to anthropologie. it was the second to last day of employee appreciation and there were, of course, things i NEEDED to get.

7. as i worked hard all weekend, this was what my cats did. mostly the same position, just in different places, all day long. oh the life of a cat. (if you want to see them sleeping in other ways, just check out my instagram..)