if you haven't seen me online or in person for the past few months, this is why. little, my baby (pun intended), opened this past friday with a grand opening that i never could have imagined. i have put my blood, sweat, and (surprisingly, not too many) tears into opening this children's boutique in portland. the amount of people who came to the opening made me feel so full. it was such a fun and happy evening. and i couldn't have asked for anything more amazing.

this job came by chance and i couldn't imagine finding a better fit for me. this position has offered me so many more experiences. angie, the owner, put her trust in me to bring to life my ideas for the space and to help bring the store alive with the brands we have found. i got to go on not one, but three trips to new york to pick out lines to carry and be inspired. this job has allowed me to use my entire set of skills and learn so much about opening a store and building a brand. it has been so good.

i am now obsessed with not only kid's clothes, but everything else that comes along with having a kid. obviously, it is so different than women's clothing, but in a lot of ways it isn't. we buy the same way, different collections for each season, but with kids, you get to see fun silhouettes in crazy prints. so many things i wish we would see in women's brands. it all feels a little more brave and a little more adventurous. to be a kid these days must be so exciting.

little is full of some of the coolest baby and kid's brands out there. so many of the toys and things we carry are handmade in america, are environmentally friendly, one-of-a-kind, and made with love. we wanted smaller, specialty brands and things that aren't easy to find around here. it is a place where the young and old can be taken to another place. and the young and old can find pieces to fall in love with. so next time you are in the old port, stop in and say hi.

all these beautiful photos were taken by jill frasier.