nothing more versatile than a..

silk tee.

shirt - loft
skirt - h&m
shoes - old navy

with this long floral skirt, there are not a whole lot of options to wear as a top. it is just kind of different variations of the same thing, so this is making it a challenge to always make it look different. i like playing off the bohemian look of the skirt and keeping the shirt relaxed. without having to wear a shade of white, this rose pink was great for keeping with the color palette. the pocket and the zipper in the back give just tiny bit of structure. as for the shirt itself, we know how easy it is can be to just throw on a tee shirt with everything from jeans to floor length evening skirts. but this shirt takes it to another level. it is a silk shirt, shaped like a tee shirt! it is in a muted pink and works well with so many colors and tons of different outfit combos. it has the versatiliy of a tee shirt but looks a little more rich before the season changes, i think i am going to try to give the skirt a little mix of prints by pairing it with some stripes. and once fall does come, i look forward to transforming it into a fabulous fall look.

to prove how versatile a silk shirt is, here are a few of the ways i have worn it:


shirt - my mom's
dress - a&f
shoes - old navy
rings - gift, vintage
bracelet & necklace - gap

crisp, fresh, and cool. there is nothing like laid back summer dressing. i was doing a closet clean out with my mom and saw this shirt in her closet. i loved the pattern and just needed to figure out how to wear it. it gave this low cut dress, floor length dress a more casual look.

all tied up.

shirt - improvd
jacket - betty sevay (swap maine)
jeans - j brand
shoes - urban outfitters

a good wardrobe is made up of a lot of basics and staple pieces, but also of some interesting pieces. this shirt is one of those. it is something i would not normally be able to own, seeing as it was almost $200. luckily for me, it is something sold at akari, so i get a discount. on top of that, i have gift cards for being such a rad employee, so i only had to pay $12 for it. there are multiple ways to wear it (there may be a video somewhere..) and the leather belt is detachable. i am sure i will be able to get my money's worth. 
as for those basics, everyone needs a great pair of black jeans and these j brand ones are amazing (my fav denim brand). and everyone must have a few blazers. this is my first brown one i have owned. it may be a staple in a wardrobe, but this one is far from ordinary. it is vintage vintage vintage! it is linen with some very cool diamond buttons. the coolest things i own come from places far away from the mall. this jacket was one of the very cool donations from northstar vintage to swap maine and i was lucky enough to score it! i live for things that are different and have a story. every good wardrobe should be able to share your story.

black & white.

dress - goodwill
belt - goodwill
necklace - gap
shoes - urban outfitters

so this past week has been super crazy. i was only home to sleep, so there was no time to post anything. 
i have a handful of cool dresses from goodwill or other thrifting adventures. some of them may be a little over the top, but nonetheless, super fun. i try to limit myself to only wearing one a week. i don't want them to become a uniform because i know quickly it can. dresses are one of the easiest things to wear, especially in the summer and i like to see how i can transform these old gems.

that seventies show.

sweater - new york & co
pants - homemade (swap maine)
shoes, hat, & bag - urban outfitters

these pants were a bit of gamble when i took them from swap maine. i knew someone had made them, but they looked so cool and were exactly what i was looking for: high waisted, wide legged, super soft denim, and lightweight. lucky for me, they fit. i do want to take them up a little in the length, but overall, were great. when it is not 85 degrees out, this is a great outfit for a sunday. comfortable, but still fashionable. 

mixed prints.

shirt & shorts - kimchi & blue
tank - banana republic
shoes - old navy

we more often see mixing prints as something super bold. here i used softer colors and very cute prints. however, it is still up for debate as to what is on the shorts. i tried to keep the accessories and shoes some what neutral and also soft. i loved how pretty and sweet this look ended up being. 

fourth of july

shirt - a&f
bathing suit top - sunsets
(bottom - swim systems)
skirt - talbots (swap maine)
shoes - urban outfitters
hat - borrowed

summer is in full swing. the sun is out, the temperature is rising, and there is thunder occasionally rolling over. fourth of july was no different. it was so hot, i thought it would be okay to wear my bathing suit top paired with my skirt. granted i was going to the lake and the only public place i went to was mobile, but either way, it had a retro feel and i felt great it in. i cant say i felt as good when i took the skirt off, but either way it was a wonderful day.