and the total cost is...

shirt - gap
skirt - carlisle (goodwill)
belt - dooney & bourke (goodwill)
shoes  - old navy

shirt - $4
skirt - $2.50
belt - $1.99
shoes - $4

TOTAL: $12.50

that is right! i spent $12.50 on this whole outfit. i went on my first shopping trip after 365 days at goodwill. i spent $20 and got 2 blazers, 2 skirts, and a belt. this skirt had a green barb which was the half off choice of the week, so i got it for even less. i love to shop sale racks and around here, i like a lot of things that are not the big sellers. i am attracted to things that are a little bit different and that some people may not try on. this makes it easy to wait for things to go on sale and then for the sale to go on sale. i pride myself on my budget shopping skills. i think i do a good job on spending very little and creating rich looking outfits. 
as for this particular outfit, i wanted to play up the tan stripe in the skirt and keep everything within the same color scheme. i added the brown belt to add definition to the waist and add a little detail.

and for the contest winner.... 
(it is actually a tie!)

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