nothing more versatile than a..

silk tee.

shirt - loft
skirt - h&m
shoes - old navy

with this long floral skirt, there are not a whole lot of options to wear as a top. it is just kind of different variations of the same thing, so this is making it a challenge to always make it look different. i like playing off the bohemian look of the skirt and keeping the shirt relaxed. without having to wear a shade of white, this rose pink was great for keeping with the color palette. the pocket and the zipper in the back give just tiny bit of structure. as for the shirt itself, we know how easy it is can be to just throw on a tee shirt with everything from jeans to floor length evening skirts. but this shirt takes it to another level. it is a silk shirt, shaped like a tee shirt! it is in a muted pink and works well with so many colors and tons of different outfit combos. it has the versatiliy of a tee shirt but looks a little more rich before the season changes, i think i am going to try to give the skirt a little mix of prints by pairing it with some stripes. and once fall does come, i look forward to transforming it into a fabulous fall look.

to prove how versatile a silk shirt is, here are a few of the ways i have worn it:

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