contest!: how much did i spend??

after i spent a year not buying new clothes, i went on a mini shopping spree. today i am wearing something new from my little shopping trip. after a year, i would have saved a lot of money to buy something new. or did i?

 i've posted a preview picture of my outfit on facebook

guess how much i spent on my outfit and i will give the person closest to the exact price one free personal styling service of your choice! i will post the answer in my outfit post here in a few days!

what do you think? did i save money this year to buy a few nice pieces or did i spend a little to get a lot?

i'll give you one hint.. something i am wearing is from goodwill.

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hot summer days.

shirt - ezekiel
shorts - a&f
shoes - urban outfitters
scarf - vintage
bracelets - sun city, j crew
bag - rice & beans vintage (swap maine!)

after one really hot day, comes another. this one was spent mostly running errands and hiding inside due to my stupid sunburn on my chest. (which is currently peeling) i've learned my lesson. who wants to be in pain after spending time outside. i did wear sunscreen, but not enough. not again. i wanted my 'turban' and bag to stand out. i kept the rest of my outfit comfy and casual (especially the top over my sunburn) and truly dressed it up with accessories. it was a great outfit for a low key day off.

resort 2012: chanel.

sexy prep with glimpses to the past. not to mention the color of resort: yellow. my favorite is the last dress. it is sexy and glamourous, but almost seems casual enough for day.

resort 2012: diane von furstenberg.

print on print. brights. yellow. slouchy sophistication.

fresh to death.

click images to enlarge

tank - urban outfitters
skirt - j crew
belt - swap maine
shoes - f21
bracelets - j crew, suncity

for work today, we decided to start the weekend right by all wearing bright colors. i thought why not take two of my brightest pieces and do a little color blocking. the best thing about this outfit was that a girl at work wore the exact same colors only her shirt was blue and her skirt was yellow! which an overall bright outfit, i tried to keep my accessories simple, tan shoes and brown belt, but accented with a few colorful bangles and matching colors braided in my belt. they say dress for the job you want, i say dress for the weekend you want. the forecast looks bright and sunny!

i actually did this for a whole year! 365.

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dress - proenza schouler for target
jacket - urban outfitters
shoes - deena and ozzy
bracelet - sun city
necklace - gap

so as for my final outfit of my official challenge, i didn't want to go overboard and try to hard. when i looked at my closet this morning, i saw this off white silk jacket and i really wanted to wear it. i tried a few combos and then saw this dress. i haven't worn it since last summer and since the sun was out again, it would be a good day to break it out. i know it is hard to wear a dress multiple ways, but i think i succeeded in changing the look and feel of it from last time. i was told i looked very fancy and pretty and need to go out. i did. to rivalries (to watch the bruins) and i am sure i was the dressiest one there! but who cares! i made it to 365 days! one whole year. i felt sexy and pretty. i even spent time doing my hair (modern version of a side pony, no less) and makeup. going forward, i will continue to create new looks and share them with you, but i wont stop myself from buying new clothes if i find something i must have. there will be rules when it comes to shopping. i still don't have a lot of money and i know that i have lots to wear already, but if it is a must-have piece, i wont say no!

almost there! 364!

romper - f21
skirt - goodwill
sweater - banana republic
shoes - target

since i am getting close to the finish line, i wanted to do a cool photo spread. with the rain and the raw air, there was no way i was going to spend much time outside. either way, this is my 364th look! i wanted to use pieces that i've had for awhile and have had some wear, so that i could transform them again. and if this floral number looks a little familiar, that's because it is actually a romper i wore last summer. over the past few months, i have seen people in magazines and such wearing dresses and rompers under skirt and in pants or shorts. i wanted to see for myself if this was actually doable. seeing as the skirt is wide, it wasn't uncomfortable. the only issue i had was going to the bathroom. not a big deal, it just took a little extra time. i like this idea of layering uncommon pieces to create new looks. i am not quite ready to wear just a romper and with the chilly weather, it was perfect as a floral top with this mid length skirt and grandma cardigan. i threw on some sunshine yellow shoes to make up for the lack of the real thing. 

old port fest. 363.

tee - madewell
vest - urban outfitters
sweatshirt - pac sun (terry's)
jean jacket - a&f
jeans - j brand
shoes - gap
bracelet - sun city
necklaces - gap, madewell, crew cuts, helene m

today's picture was in front of a lovely store front for rent on wharf street. a girl can only dream.. maybe some day. but for today, i ate and drank. it is one of the rare days that i am okay with starting to drink adult beverages in the old port at 1 in the afternoon. it didn't get too crazy. just a fun, albeit, chilly, day with friends.

urban turban. 362.

shirt - free people
tank - madewell
jeans - loft
shoes - urban outfitters
scarf - swap maine
necklaces - gap, madewell, crew cuts

this is how i envision being dressed every saturday for work. it is casual enough to feel okay about getting up and going to work, but at the same time, it has enough flare and a little sexiness to feel good wearing it. the best part is the pop of color with my diy turban. i would give a little tutorial, but i'm sure you have all seen the plethora of them online. however, if you would like to know how i tied it, i'd be happy to show you! i got all kinda of interest at work and it was pretty fun. adding a few layers of necklaces made me feel a little gypsy. my favorite part about getting dressed is that each day i can be someone different. i can let my outfit tell the story.

crafty. 361.

dress - new york & co
shirt - urban outfitters
belt - goodwill
shoes - cynthia vincent for target

today was terry's birthday! so i had to get dressed up real fancy. jk. i don't need a reason to wear anything, but this was fun. if you ever want to quickly change the look of a skirt or dress, just tie a knot it in. so simple, so quick, and it looks so cool. i like the look when you keep the colors in the same family and keep all pieces loose, but pulled together with a belt and in this case, a knot.

getting 'nutty'. 360.

jumpsuit - madewell
shoes - urban outfitters
belt - filene's
necklace - diy

so obviously i am not wearing this outfit. this week got a way from me. and quite frankly, a little crazy. again, that may be obvious since i am only posting this now. on this particular day, we had a staff meeting catering by panera bread brought by the rep from kerastase. considering the fact that i am allergic to nuts, i am careful about what i take out of a pastry box. i could see no nuts on the chosen pastry. i could taste no nuts on the half of a half i ate of this chosen pastry. i stopped eating it when my mouth started to itch. this happens from time to time and doesn't really worry me. i wasn't worried until about an hour later when the palms of my hands started to itch and my face was on fire. needless to say, i had an allergic reaction. i was bright red from head to toe, with itchy hives. someone said i looked neon. i like neon on my clothes, not on my face. by the time i got home, i was so swollen and itchy, i immediately took off my clothes. i had tied my necklace into a knot to shorten it that morning and couldn't get it untied fast enough and in a panic, i cut it. luckily, it was the only casualty of the day. 
i was pretty bummed about only getting to wear this outfit for about 3 hours. it was a 90 degree day and this lightweight, silk jumpsuit and jellies were the perfect match for the heat. oh well.. i guess i learned my lesson.

nautical blues. 359.

dress - loft
belt - goodwill
shoes - gap
bracelet - sun city
necklaces - wylers, helene m

i took this dark navy silk dress from the winter blues to summery nautical fun. all of my accessories were chosen to bring out the feel of oceanside summer in maine. red, blue, and white paired with an anchor. ahh, summer.