getting 'nutty'. 360.

jumpsuit - madewell
shoes - urban outfitters
belt - filene's
necklace - diy

so obviously i am not wearing this outfit. this week got a way from me. and quite frankly, a little crazy. again, that may be obvious since i am only posting this now. on this particular day, we had a staff meeting catering by panera bread brought by the rep from kerastase. considering the fact that i am allergic to nuts, i am careful about what i take out of a pastry box. i could see no nuts on the chosen pastry. i could taste no nuts on the half of a half i ate of this chosen pastry. i stopped eating it when my mouth started to itch. this happens from time to time and doesn't really worry me. i wasn't worried until about an hour later when the palms of my hands started to itch and my face was on fire. needless to say, i had an allergic reaction. i was bright red from head to toe, with itchy hives. someone said i looked neon. i like neon on my clothes, not on my face. by the time i got home, i was so swollen and itchy, i immediately took off my clothes. i had tied my necklace into a knot to shorten it that morning and couldn't get it untied fast enough and in a panic, i cut it. luckily, it was the only casualty of the day. 
i was pretty bummed about only getting to wear this outfit for about 3 hours. it was a 90 degree day and this lightweight, silk jumpsuit and jellies were the perfect match for the heat. oh well.. i guess i learned my lesson.

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