casual thursday. 353.

tank - h&m
jeans - j brand
shoes - urban outfitters
necklace - ferdinand, childhood
bracelet & ring - f21

if my pants look dirty to you, they are. i took this picture when terry got home from painting. i hadn't seen him all day and ran to give him a big hug without thinking. as soon as i stepped back i realized i was covered in paint dust and it wouldn't come off. oh well.. the things you do for love.
it was another warm spring day. i wanted something that was easy, but still looked nice. i figured since the top had some detailing, it would be able to stand out with black pants. i added fun, somewhat dressy shoes, a few accessories, and called it a day. had i not been going to work, i would have topped it all off with some sort of hat, probably a summery fedora. guess i'll just have to wait for the weekend.

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