urban turban. 362.

shirt - free people
tank - madewell
jeans - loft
shoes - urban outfitters
scarf - swap maine
necklaces - gap, madewell, crew cuts

this is how i envision being dressed every saturday for work. it is casual enough to feel okay about getting up and going to work, but at the same time, it has enough flare and a little sexiness to feel good wearing it. the best part is the pop of color with my diy turban. i would give a little tutorial, but i'm sure you have all seen the plethora of them online. however, if you would like to know how i tied it, i'd be happy to show you! i got all kinda of interest at work and it was pretty fun. adding a few layers of necklaces made me feel a little gypsy. my favorite part about getting dressed is that each day i can be someone different. i can let my outfit tell the story.

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