let the countdown begin. 355.

dress - isaac mizrahi for target
sweater - f21
belt - loft
shoes - h&m

wow, i am really trying to get some wear out of my clothes, a few items in particular. i wore this sweater twice this week. this is not something i do very often. and i wear these shoes almost every other day. i apologize for that. all my summer shoes are still at my parent's house. i promise i will go get them by the end of the weekend and i will have so many more options. i like this dress alone. it's a denim halter dress. cute, but pretty preppy. i'm not quite ready to show that much skin and it was kind of chilly. i decided to layer. i got this image in my head and the only thing in my closet that would work was this sweater and that it why i wore it again. i took something preppy and turned it into school girl. almost preppier.

i almost forgot to mention... i have begun the countdown to 365 days! 10 to go!

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