memorial day. 350.

i spent the afternoon and early evening at a cook out with terry's family. it was the first of the year, full of good food, drink, and company. and it was hot!

the evening was spent with close friends and outside games. 

as the sun went down, we started the first fire of the summer. it helped with the bugs, but not enough since i'm still covered in bites!

dress - anna sui for target
shoes - h&m
sweater - f21
bandeau - a&f

it is very hard to wear a dress multiple ways. in order to get more wear out of this, i had to add a few extras. i started my day early at the grocery store and going for a nice walk. at this point in the day, i needed a sweater. i chose a tan and red striped one to play off the orange and brown tones of the dress. i wore leopard print shoes to keep the same color palette and add more pattern! i put a lace bandeau underneath it break up the oranges.

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  1. lovely photos.xx