sea dogs saturday. 348.

dress - f21
sweater - urban outfitters
belt - goodwill
jacket - a&f
shoes - h&m
necklace - crew cuts

once a year, we get a sky box at the portland sea dogs with extended family. it is always fun and always full of food. this was the second year in a row that we got the box on a day with a double header and a day that was cold. i wore a dress in hopes the sun would come out and i could get a little color on my legs. but no such luck. they lost the first game and we left before the end of the second, but my two youngest cousins got to play a come out on the field. lots of fun and lots of food.

today's look was about mixing prints and creating a look some where between masculine and feminine. as you may already know, i have a strong love for stripes and florals and definitely love them together. the color of the sweater reads men's and the tiered, ruffled floral skirt makes it just enough girly to create a fun contrast. as for my new necklace, it was a gift from my sister who you can see has a matching one of her own. i love it. we saw it on a girl working at madewell. she was wearing it layered with other necklaces of mixed metals and looked so cool. my sister tracked it down and surprised me with one this morning!

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