up on a rooftop.. 346.

shirt - madewell
skirt - ellen tracy (swapped! who did this belong to????)
shorts - f21
shoes - urban outfitters
bracelets - sun city, gap
necklaces - gap, madewell

in the best outfit i have worn in a long time. i am not bragging, but this week i wore some of my best outfits to date and this one tops them all. i felt amazing all day. who wouldn't in a maxi see-through skirt with pink lace shorts and a striped tee. i loved every second of this day and cannot wait to wear this skirt again.
as for putting the outfit together. it was all about playing with layers. i started with the shirt which i wanted to wear under a dress (which i ended up wearing the following day). then i spotted the shorts. i got them for christmas from my mom and have not worn them yet. i am still not quite ready for shorts.. and then the idea came to try it with this skirt over it. i knew it was see-through, so i was going to have to find something awesome to wear under it. to work, i needed something that would look like i was wearing a little more than just underwear. it was perfect. i added layers of jewelry and decided on these flat oxfords. i didn't want to try to dress up the skirt. i wanted it to be able to stand out on it's own.


  1. OMG I want this skirt!!! its sooo amazing!!!!


  2. I love the pleats on your skirt and how flowy it is :)


  3. that skirt is beyond lovely, such a dreamy outfit!

  4. i am desperately jealous. ever since i saw audrina patridge wearing this skirt in marie claire, i have been OBSESSED with the idea of a long pleated skirt. WANT!!! http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/trends/articles/real-women-fashion#fbIndex1

  5. i love the long pleated skirt. i would wear a variation of it every day if i could!!