L-town, baby! 332.

shirt - f21
vest - urban outfitters
pants - j brand
shoes - urban outfitters
jacket - f21
bag - my mom's
ring - vintage

if you don't know what l-town is, i am referring to lewiston. yes, i was in lewiston. i traveled the whole 30+ minutes to bates college to see lupe fiasco. i have wanted to see him for a very long time and was floored when i heard he would be in maine. i don't know if you are interested in hip-hop (i, for one, do not discriminate when it comes to music genres as long as it makes me feel something), but he is one to check out. he says things like "stand up for what you believe in. don't sit down for things you don't" and "if you are feeling depressed, talk to someone and if you know someone who is depressed, be the person they can talk to. every life is worth living". he takes a stance and isn't rapping about big booty hoes and such. 

anywho.. post show, we stopped for gas at a station that only sold one type of gas! i guess they are not expecting a porsche to be pulling in. as for my outfit, i didn't feel as great as i have in the past few days. i did like the mix of floral with the more manly features of the blazer vest. and aren't my shoes fun?!


  1. That's my home town! Or sometimes lovingly referred to as my "H-Tizzle."

  2. he was amazing! i still keep talking about it!

    (when i was a cheerleader in high school, lewiston had a cheer where they said l-town baby, which we also said a lot after that)

  3. I recently went up to Lewiston and I was surprised by some of the really cool looking restaurants! I want to go try them!


  4. thanks michelle! it was very spur of the moment late at night.

    jess- i was only there for a very short amount of time, but i dont doubt it. let me know if you try anything good!