i look like winter cause it feels like winter. 326.

shirt - ezekiel
skirt - old navy
jacket - gap
boots - piperlime
necklace - me!
ring - gift

as it gets closer and closer to SWAPmaine, my room keeps getting messier and messier. my keep and swap piles keep mixing together and i am afraid to touch it. i am starting to feel like i have no clothes! so getting dressed when you are running late for work is getting much harder. i did not want to feel too business-y, but wanted to wear some sort of jacket, so i threw on a slouchy tee and called it good. i liked this look and i especially like how my beautifully handcrafted necklaces brings the whole thing together. oh and you should check out my very cool nails. they were done today by carole at akari, who is an amazing nail tech!


  1. Absolutely LOVE that necklace! Can't believe you made it, its fabulous!

  2. thank you! its fun! i wish i had more time to make more things..