pretty bird. 323.

shirt - a&f
tee - j. crew
jeans - j brand
shoes - h&m

i must admit that it is hard for me to get creative when i'm getting dressed on a monday. most of the time i don't do much other than work out, run errands, and hang out at home. but today i worked, which means i have to put in a little more effort. it is a slower day at work so i know less people will see my outfit, so i want to save the really good ones for later in the week. today wasn't too bad. i always seem to have trouble finding things to wear with this shirt. i think it is really pretty, but i never know what to wear under it. i put this tee on and thought the colors were nice, but didn't love it. i was running out of time and didn't think it was important enough to be late to work over..

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