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clean week one is behind me. for the most part it was easy. by the end of the week, i was not hungry between meals. my true challenge came with the weekend, which i knew was going to be the toughest part.

i learned very quickly how important it is to plan ahead. saturday started out great with a smoothie for breakfast, but i should have known that not packing my lunch would be trouble. since terry and i were both downtown for lunch, we thought it would be great to go somewhere. first stop was market street eats, where terry quickly order his favorite sandwich. i could not find anything on the menu that fit into the criteria. we decided i could try fit to eat, but they were closed. so after almost having a meltdown on market street, i went to the works and settled to a salad with cucumbers, red onions, sprouts, and grilled chicken. it was good, but definitely not what i wanted. as for dinner, i didn't really have it. i went straight from work to volunteering. i brought extra smoothie from the morning to hold me over, but i left it in my car and it got warm. i went out to meet my friends and as they had wine, i had water with lemon. i was fine with this, but water really doesn't count as dinner.

sunday was a little bit better. i had yummy apple and pear juice for breakfast. lunch was okay. i went to the dry dock with some friends who were in town, which is basically the capital of fried food. i had a salad with crab meat, but it wasn't very filling. and i really really wanted what everyone else was eating. it was a struggle, but i made it through.

today was day three of my second week. by now, it just feels like this is what i do. i don't think about it as much. i'm just trying to switch things up, so i don't get bored before its. over. i feel like i have much more energy and in an overall much better mood.

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