from my mother's closet. 331.

shirt - american apparel 
pants - pendelton (my mother's)
shoes - cynthia vincent for target
necklace  - gap

monday i spent the day helping my mom clean out her closet, so she can donate to swapmaine, of course! the last thing we went through were her suits and fancy things, when i found these pants. not only did i find pants, but the whole suit, complete with the pink jacket and skirt! i had to try them on. they were perfect. of course, not all together because even though i may wear some crazy things, i don't think i could pull of a full pink suit! these pants, straight from the late 70s, were what i have been dying to have. i know they are wool, but seeing as this may has been far from warm, wearing them wouldn't be crazy. i kept everything else pretty simple because i wanted the pants to shine! i love them. this just proves you can find cool things in so many different places. stay tuned for the other things i found in my mother's closet.

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