new york fashion week: s/s 2015.

on day one of new york fashion week, i found i had a little down time to look through the shows from that day. as i did, i (of course) started to see trends, so i started to take some notes (see above photo). as i kept looking through in the days that followed, it seemed that most of these words can describe much of what i saw.

working a full time job which doesn't consist of sitting at a computer, leaves little time for me to look through all the shows like i have in the past. this means i had to pick my favorites to look at. what i saw was something very refreshing, very wearable, clean, soft, a bit tomboy, and lots that i loved. here are just a few of my favorite things:

band of outsiders.


mara hoffman.

rachel comey.

steven alan.


j. crew.

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goodbye summer, hello next chapter.

this summer went by way too fast. so fast i don't even remember what i did. the one thing i do remember is my sister got married and had the most beautiful, perfect wedding (i'll come back to that later). other than that, i felt like most of the summer was spent feeling like i was waiting for something to happen. i don't know what i was waiting for and i am not sure if it happened, but it wasn't worth the wait. i spent so much time being busy, being tired, being stressed and not enough time being happy, doing exciting things, making the most of this one life i have, and spending too much time multitasking. 

as much as i hate for summer to end, i am excited for a new season to start. fall always feel like the beginning of something new. i know it stems from years of back-to-school shopping and starting a new school year. even as i get older, that feeling doesn't seem to go away.

this year, it is going to feel like the start of something new more than ever. in a few short weeks, i will be moving from somerville back to portland. this time the move doesn't bring me to a new job. as i am writing this, it brings be back here with no job. this is a scary thing for me, but there is so much excitement around it. i made a promise to myself that with this mood i am going to make my life about me and about doing the things that make me happy. i have dreamed really big dreams for a long time and now i am going to do something about. don't start getting jealous, this doesn't mean that i won't have to get a job. i do need an income, but i am not in a hurry to do something that won't make me happy. 

and another month is almost halfway through. how? where does it go? i have been thinking about how to really live my life lately and just tonight when i was checking some of my favorite blogs, i spotted an article on jen loves kev about living a simpler life. it lead me to a link of another article from another blog about single tasking. what a thought. just know as i am sitting here writing this, i am reaching for my phone and the tv is on. i can say that is something i plan to work on. when she says something about 'just riding in the passenger seat', she is speaking directly to me. why do i need to be looking at my phone while i am sitting with someone else. do you guys feel this way too? how do you deal with these things that have become so common in our every day lives? anyway, back to the article that started this.. living a simple, intentional life. though i do not have the same beliefs as this blogger, this post resonates with me on many levels. as i make a huge life change and as i make many promises to myself about what is going to come with this change, i want to keep these thoughts at the forefront. i don't want to have the guilt that i have had for so long. not blogging enough, not doing everything and being everything to everyone all the time. this is my life. i am not being selfish. i am being real. this is the time for me and time to love the life i am living.