love: sequin aztec prints.


it seems this week i can't look anywhere without seeing one of my favorite prints decked out for the season. surprisingly, it was a combination that had never even crossed my mind. it is the type of sequin & sparkle that seems toned down and almost a little grown up.

i first came upon it in the december issue of instyle as part of their holiday dress article, featuring this allsaints dress. then one day later, i see it in an anthropologie email. this time paired with a super shiny skirt (paired with a cable knit sweater.. love!). finally, in the same day, i see this pair of shorts on the opening page of topshop website. these paired with a matching sequined top and suspenders. cool and festive.

'tis the season for sparkle.

the jackie coat.

shirt - gap
pants - jaeger, found at goodwill
belt - goodwill
shoes - missoni for target
bag - coach
coat - j crew

ladylike, 60s inspired with touches of menswear. this is what a good part of fall has been about for me. i love mixing something very structured like these wool trousers with something light & free like this blouse. as i always find to be true, a belt will pull everything together. in this case, i loved the print and style of this shirt so much that i bought an extra large. it was the last one left and on sale for like $6. i knew i could make it work with a belt or tucked in. by keeping the shirt loose, it made this work outfit work for fun after work activities!

as we begin to leave fall and enter into winter, we need to make smart decisions about our outerwear choices. most people are only going to see this outer layer, so to them, it wont matter what you have on underneath. for this particular outfit, i chose a structured camel coat which also fit the 60s look i started with. my mom calls this my jackie coat. that to me means it is classic and will definitely make you look classy, even if you may not always be. unbuttoned, it give extra structure as an overcoat. button, paired with these pants is a great look on its own. running errands is easy. no one even needs to know what is going on underneath. judging my the cover, you look perfectly pulled together, even if you may only be wearing a t-shirt underneath.

there are so many fabulous coat styles to chose from this season. it is the easiest way to step out in style. what is your go-to coat this year?

'must' have sunshine.

dress - h&m
jacket - goodwill
tights - target
boots - luckybrand
purse - goodwill

i am now in full fall mode. mustard yellow is a must! pairing it with browns and navy add that extra punch. fall has always and will always be about layering. it works out great this day because i don't need a jacket. i don't have to cover up an outfit i am really enjoying. 
and most importantly, i don't have to be cold! 
i love how the dress is bringing out the colors in this blazer. it makes the brown pop, almost becoming a little brighter. with this outfit, like many others, it is the little details that make big differences. 
a simple belt adds to the color scheme and brings attention to the smallest part of your shape. basic jewelry can make a bold statement when there is not too much going on or too much to look at. and of course, accessories like your bag. i chose this one for a reason. on the day i bought the blazer (part of set with a matching skirt), i also bought the bag. i had imagined in my mind wearing the suit with a floral printed shirt in deep fall colors and with this bag. i love the idea of mixing prints and by keeping the colors similar, it would be okay to have three different prints mixed into an outfit, especially when one is just an accessory. so immediately after getting dressed, i went straight for this bag. not only does it add a bit of fun, but it also adds to the ladylike look of this outfit. 
it may not have been the crazy print outfit i had envisioned (keep a look out for it!), but it is fall and it is fun. and it makes the little things stand out just a bit more.