love: sequin aztec prints.


it seems this week i can't look anywhere without seeing one of my favorite prints decked out for the season. surprisingly, it was a combination that had never even crossed my mind. it is the type of sequin & sparkle that seems toned down and almost a little grown up.

i first came upon it in the december issue of instyle as part of their holiday dress article, featuring this allsaints dress. then one day later, i see it in an anthropologie email. this time paired with a super shiny skirt (paired with a cable knit sweater.. love!). finally, in the same day, i see this pair of shorts on the opening page of topshop website. these paired with a matching sequined top and suspenders. cool and festive.

'tis the season for sparkle.

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  1. i went to the all saints store on newbury street a couple of weeks ago and nearly died. so many awesome sequined prints. love.