the jackie coat.

shirt - gap
pants - jaeger, found at goodwill
belt - goodwill
shoes - missoni for target
bag - coach
coat - j crew

ladylike, 60s inspired with touches of menswear. this is what a good part of fall has been about for me. i love mixing something very structured like these wool trousers with something light & free like this blouse. as i always find to be true, a belt will pull everything together. in this case, i loved the print and style of this shirt so much that i bought an extra large. it was the last one left and on sale for like $6. i knew i could make it work with a belt or tucked in. by keeping the shirt loose, it made this work outfit work for fun after work activities!

as we begin to leave fall and enter into winter, we need to make smart decisions about our outerwear choices. most people are only going to see this outer layer, so to them, it wont matter what you have on underneath. for this particular outfit, i chose a structured camel coat which also fit the 60s look i started with. my mom calls this my jackie coat. that to me means it is classic and will definitely make you look classy, even if you may not always be. unbuttoned, it give extra structure as an overcoat. button, paired with these pants is a great look on its own. running errands is easy. no one even needs to know what is going on underneath. judging my the cover, you look perfectly pulled together, even if you may only be wearing a t-shirt underneath.

there are so many fabulous coat styles to chose from this season. it is the easiest way to step out in style. what is your go-to coat this year?


  1. my go-to coat is my ankle length down coat bc i hate being cold.

  2. i have a knee length down coat that i wear when it gets really coat. i do not like to be cold either!