baby doll. 52.

a 60s inspired mini dress in highlighter pink? in the middle of summer with a nice tan, why not! i love that the eyelet and button details tone done the brightness of this dress and make it something very pretty. i paired in with black patent flats to also add contrast. i only wore a small gold necklace and a ring because this dress speaks for itself without the need of anything extra. p.s. i love my sea bag!

dress h&m, shoes dsw, necklace urban outfitters, ring banana republic, bag sea bags.


while some people may not think that having a staircase that leads nowhere is a plus in their apartment, we find it is a blessing. it not only adds character to our new home, but it is a place to store the many pairs of shoes my boyfriend and i own that would otherwise be homeless.

harem time. #51.

if you want to know what it feels like to wear pajamas to work then wear this jumpsuit. since it is black, you can accessorize it with just about anything, dress it up, dress it down. i did bring heels with me to work, but i stuck with the flats since i am on my feet a lot. i just added a few pops of color and a little bit of print.

jumpsuit f21, scarf joann fabrics (i made it), shoes gap, bracelet old navy, ring marc jacobs.

nifty 50!

this outfit just screams summer to me. the bright colors, the soft cotton fabrics, the flowy sleeves. a woman complimented me today and told me that my outfit reminded her of the early 60s and that my pops of color and anchor necklace made my outfit perfect for a beautiful day like today. it made me smile.

shirt h&m, skirt jcrew, shoes f21, necklace urban outfitters, bangles jcrew, ring banana republic.

clean up. 49.

today was a day of organization and a little pampering. my sister and i spent most of the day organizing my clothes and my office/craft area. i also spent a few hours at akari for a buff and bronze. i needed an outfit that was comfortable and cute, but i also had to wear something that i didn't mind getting dirty. these are not my favorite pieces of clothing, but it is easy to pull something together by tucking a tee into a cotton skirt. i do however love my toms and will wear them any day!

shirt f21, skirt hollister, shoes toms.

#48.high roller.

this was the outfit i packed to come home from foxwoods in. it was a long night and i think i did good considering my boyfriend and i were able to share one bag for the trip! all the pieces i am wearing have a relaxed fit to them but somehow when they are all together still manage to look clean. this was also the night we discovered that boda is half off on sunday nights, so that is were went and i expect we will be there many sundays to come. it was great. but as we get closer to august, the nights are starting to cool down. one of the easiest things to throw on over an outfit is a blazer. they are so classic and are easy to pair with everything. unfortunately when it gets cooler at night, the humidity doesn't always go down..

vest abercrombie & fitch, tank h&m, shorts abercrombie & fitch, shoes f21, balzer uniqlo, bag coach.

i heart stripes. #47.

i love summer. nautical inspirations. stripes. they all make me happy. this shirt is fun. it is slouchy, but is tight in the arms to give it some structure and i love the neck. adding red to blue and white stripes is an easy but exciting touch (my boyfriend actually picked out my shoes. i was running late. he is getting very good at this.) the shorts i am wearing almost look wool, so they will be an easy transition into fall seeing as though short will still be around.

shirt f21, shorts f21, shoes gap, bangles jcrew, ring gift.


this dress had been living on my dress form for months now because i never really found the right time to wear it. today we had to wear black to work because we were having a deborah lippmann nail party. i quickly realized that i don't own a lot black so i figured it was as good a time as any to try out this dress. it worked out well. i felt sexy and powerful and believe me a pair of killer heels always helps.

dress madison marcus, shoes seychelles, ring gift.

smooth sailing.

Junya Watanabe Spring 2011 Menswear

i love this look from junya watanabe spring 2011. i love the laid back, sexiness of this nautical look. it reminds me of the way my boyfriend dresses, who, by the way, is dying for a duffle.

a product that actually works..

i have been using band-aid friction block with most of my shoes and i haven't had any blisters or irritation. it comes in a stick like deodorant and you just rub it on your feet. it acts like a barrier between your foot and shoe. i got some last year and found it again recently on sale at cvs. try it! i even use it with flats and sandals.

do blondes really have more fun? (#44)

i dont know yet, but a great pair of shoes makes everything more fun. i wasn't completely sold on this outfit when i left the house this more, but i did get a lot of compliments and i was told i looked sassy. i love pairing bold colors together with black. everything seems to pop a little more. i used a belt today because the front of the shirt need a little something extra and of course to add a little more shape. instead of fastening the belt, i just tied it for a different look. and of course fun shoes can go with anything!

shirt hawks, tank forever, skirt forever, shoes deena & ozzy, ring gift, necklace jcrew (gift from my boyfriend).

black and blue with a little pain.. (#43)

before and after. today i did nautical in a chic way. instead of stripes with white pants, i paired them with a one sleeved silk top that i scored from the intermix sample sale last year. i kept my jewelry and shoes simple, black and gold. by the end of the day, however, silk and leather was not the best choice for getting stuck in a downpour. but i made it home!

shirt alex lane, pants loft, shoes dsw, necklace banana republic, ring vintage, bag marc jacobs, beer brooklyn brewery.

my new haircut! (#42)

the fabulous genevieve at akari just gave me a great haircut! for today's outfit i paired a skirt with a sheer ruffled blouse. i added leopard print peep to flats for a little flare. the skirt i bought a few sizes too small so that i could wear it at my waist. had i bought it my normal size the length would have been unflattering. this way it hits above my knee, almost mid thigh and i am able to wear it at my waist.

shirt gap, tank banana republic, skirt old navy, shoes h&m.

so excited! (#41)

today is the first day in a long time that i have posted what i am wearing on the day i am wearing it! and im also excited because this is the first time i have bought fresh flowers since ive moved into my apartment (besides the plant i killed and the orchid i am killing). at least these will look pretty for a few days. i have been wanting to wear this sweater for awhile but havent found the right thing to wear it over. this dress seemed to work today, especially since i really only went out in it to the grocery store.

dress gap, sweater limited, shoes forever.

beach day. (#41)

today was so hot! i spent a long day at the beach and then spent the evening walking through the old port and out to dinner. this romper is an easy coverup and then looks nice and feels nice in the heat.

romper abercrombie & fitch, tank loft, shoes target.

shadows. (#40)

black and gray with so much excitement. mixing shapes and sizes gives this outfit a fun look and makes my shape look good. the width and length of this shirt in the back covers the bigger parts that are shown from this body hugging skirt. but with the wholes on the side and sheerness of the fabric, you are given glimpses of my real shape which shows of just enough to be sexy. (sorry about the second pictures. its the only one that shows the side)

shirt free people, tank banana republic, skirt forever, shoes dsw, necklace forever.


wow, i find a lot of my favorite things at target. this is a proenza schouler dress. i love the sexy corset top that goes into the loose skirt. it is long enough to let the top be the sexy part. to make this dress more casual for day and work, i add a cardigan and flats. take the sweater off and maybe add heels and it is ready for evening.

dress proenza schouler for target, sweater forever, shoes h&m, ring vintage, bangles forever h&m great grandmother.

dance party. (#38)

a shirt dress is another staple. it is classic and easy to dress up or down. this one came with a matching belt, but to get more use out or it and make different looks, i like to use belts of my own. this way you can choose where you want to show your waist or what shape you want the dress to be.

dress gap, belt goodwill, shoes forever, ring gift.

day 37 part two.

im glad i know the ocean would be at least 10 degrees colder than in the city. i hadn't worn jeans in over a month so this was a nice change. this outfit is so basic and simple but it still looks put together and chic. a blazer, tshirt, and jeans. great.

balzer uniqlo, tshirt american apparel, jeans j brand, shoes target, bag coach, ring vintage.


i liked this outfit, but i don't love it. everything is wide or flowy and the cinching at the waist isn't drastic enough. i do like bringing the purple and blue together in the flower print on my belt.

shirt loft, shorts forever, belt marc jacobs, shoes gap, ring vintage.

in love. (#36)

this is my far the best outfit i have ever worn. i cant even explain how wonderful i feel in it. i love mixing prints and even more i love mixing stripes and florals. this is so girly and so fun and becomes fierce by adding these fabulous cynthia vincent (from target) shoes! so dont be afraid to mix and match, even if it is bold, it is still fun and can make you feel great.
(sorry the picture quality isnt great)

shirt gap, skirt h&m, shoes cynthia vincent for target, ring marc jacobs.

interesting.. (#36)

im glad when my boyfriend takes pictures for me, he doesn't tell me my hair looks crazy. please keep in mind that this is directly after a day at the lake and focus on how cute the romper is. i got this for about $4. i love the colors, the pockets, and the wide shorts. it is easy and super comfortable.

romper target, shoes urban outfitters, bathing suit sunsets.

on the coast. (#35)

another great piece from a target designer collection, a tracy feith dress. i love the bold print and colors and not to mention, it has a hood!

dress tracy feith, bandeau abercrombie & fitch, shoes forever, bag coach, bracelet silly band.

from maxi to mini. (#35)

a little mod for a fun saturday. this worked for me at work and then out to dinner and to play a little skee ball. i wear flats with mini dresses to make it look more casual. when i wear something this short and know i am going to be active, i like to wear shorts underneath. this way you will never have to worry about anyone getting a sneak peek.

dress forever, shoes somewhere in canada, ring marc jacobs, earrings old navy.

long hot summer day. (#34)

there is nothing better than a maxi dress in the summer. this one hugs me at the smallest part of my waist and is tiered, which the flow of the dress hides the hips making me look small. since the dress is long, you can show more cleavage with out looking inappropriate.

dress lucy love(sun city), shoes h&m, earrings old navy.

... (#34)

im not sure exactly how i feel about this dress, but i can tell you that i did not feel super confident in this outfit. maybe it was because the day before my outfit had such an impact on how i felt about myself. it may have also had something to do with the fact i was having a bad hair day. i did get a lot of compliments on how cute the dress was but it just didnt do it for me.

dress forever, tank ruehl, belt goodwill, shoes old navy, bracelet great grandmothers.


this is an outfit that made me feel like i was on top of the world. i paired some of my favorite pieces together to get a look that made me feel really good. i like to wear something longer over a highwaisted skirt with something tucked it. it still shows your smallest part but covers some of the areas that are not as small.

tank urban outfitters, skirt american apparel, vest hybrid, boots vintage capezio, earrings ?, bracelet marc jacobs.

on safari.

this is one of the fabulous finds from target's go international collections, an anna sui wrap dress.

dress anna sui, shoes forever.

independence day (#30!)

on our way to the fireworks!! all in celebration of me meeting my goal! i made it 30 days without wearing the same outfit and i did not buy a single new item of clothing. it was not easy because i love to shop but i did it! my sister has now challenged me to keep going. she thinks i can do it for a whole year. this may be harder because i might wear an outfit i really like and want to repeat it again. i am going to allow myself to buy new things but i will let you know if i do.

dress forever, shoes urban outfitters, ring gift, belt goodwill, sunglasses oakley.
on terry: shift target, shorts gap, shoes clae, hat jcrew.

pretty in pink (#29)

there is something about saturday's that makes me want to dress girly and in pastels. this day was no exception. i think it comes from having to work on saturday and usually saturday is a day for play.

tank jcrew, shirt abercrombie & fitch, pants gap, shoes gap

oo la la

my beautiful sister and her super cute boyfriend stopped by for first friday before their date at fore st. my sister was sporting her brand new amazing haircut by genevieve, stylist at akari, and a fabulous outfit from madewell topped off with some multicolored ray bans.