almost there! 364!

romper - f21
skirt - goodwill
sweater - banana republic
shoes - target

since i am getting close to the finish line, i wanted to do a cool photo spread. with the rain and the raw air, there was no way i was going to spend much time outside. either way, this is my 364th look! i wanted to use pieces that i've had for awhile and have had some wear, so that i could transform them again. and if this floral number looks a little familiar, that's because it is actually a romper i wore last summer. over the past few months, i have seen people in magazines and such wearing dresses and rompers under skirt and in pants or shorts. i wanted to see for myself if this was actually doable. seeing as the skirt is wide, it wasn't uncomfortable. the only issue i had was going to the bathroom. not a big deal, it just took a little extra time. i like this idea of layering uncommon pieces to create new looks. i am not quite ready to wear just a romper and with the chilly weather, it was perfect as a floral top with this mid length skirt and grandma cardigan. i threw on some sunshine yellow shoes to make up for the lack of the real thing. 

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