i actually did this for a whole year! 365.

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dress - proenza schouler for target
jacket - urban outfitters
shoes - deena and ozzy
bracelet - sun city
necklace - gap

so as for my final outfit of my official challenge, i didn't want to go overboard and try to hard. when i looked at my closet this morning, i saw this off white silk jacket and i really wanted to wear it. i tried a few combos and then saw this dress. i haven't worn it since last summer and since the sun was out again, it would be a good day to break it out. i know it is hard to wear a dress multiple ways, but i think i succeeded in changing the look and feel of it from last time. i was told i looked very fancy and pretty and need to go out. i did. to rivalries (to watch the bruins) and i am sure i was the dressiest one there! but who cares! i made it to 365 days! one whole year. i felt sexy and pretty. i even spent time doing my hair (modern version of a side pony, no less) and makeup. going forward, i will continue to create new looks and share them with you, but i wont stop myself from buying new clothes if i find something i must have. there will be rules when it comes to shopping. i still don't have a lot of money and i know that i have lots to wear already, but if it is a must-have piece, i wont say no!


  1. Yayy! You should make a YouTube video where each of your outfits from the last year shows for a couple seconds!!

    Congrats on saving $$ fashionably -- audrey

  2. love this! especially the necklace :)

    XO Sahra

  3. thank you! thank you! this is one of my favorite necklaces. i got it at the gap a couple years ago on sale for like $3!
    funny you mention making a video.. we have been playing around with some new things this past week!