seaside. 358.

tank - butter
skirt - goodwill
blazer - ellen tracy (swap maine)
belt - goodwill
shoes - old navy

they say that true style doesn't come from wearing head to toe labels, but from mixing high end and low together. i don't have a lot of high end pieces and the ones i do have most likely came from thrift stores or warehouse sales, but i am very good at mixing to create unique, fashion-forward looks. today's outfit is no different. this tank top, at regular price, would cost more than double what i paid for the rest of my outfit. i got this off white silk tank at the intermix warehouse sale a few years ago. this is one of my favorite shopping events. there are so many brands i love that i would never be able to afford at crazy low prices. everyone there is rummaging crazy through racks and piles. the energy is high and it is lots of fun. my favorite part is when i get home. i add up all the original prices and what i paid to see how much i saved. the first time i went, i saved over $1000 dollars! all the other pieces of my outfit came from goodwill, swap maine, and my shoes were like $3 at old navy. i love to find cool pieces at very low prices (cant get lower than free!) and put them together to make looks that could be found on a runway or on the pages of a magazine. style and fashion is what you make of it. it is all your own. following trends could get boring unless you put your own spin on it. do it your own way and let your personality shine through. you don't have to spend much to look great.

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